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45 Federal Way, Washington, United States
Seeking: Female 30 - 50
Eye color: Hazel
Let’s talk about it... I mean really. I could write down anything that I think might be appealing to you and cater to your level of interest but Id rather we talk and we get a feel for each-others inner spirit. You can tell a lot about a person by talking to them. The sound of their voice, the rhythm and content of their conversation and if your attentive you will get a good feel of their true self. This much I will say...I’m a passionate man that is drawn towards passion not just from an intimate point of view but in life and everything you do in it. I mean if you’re going to be half assed about something you do why do it at all... On another note I am also a man that truly believes that a kiss is the most powerful form of intimacy...Like a fine wine I never open a bottle before its time... I'm a animal lover and have a protective nature and inner drive to be protective of those things which are most vulnerable in our society (children, elderly and animals). Love music, dancing, and live theatre and just about anything out doors (love nature). I would never ask for anything that I am not willing to do or give myself. So on that note I take great pride in taking care of myself and personal hygiene and drawn to a woman that does the same... I have a belief in God and have a loving fear and respect for him. I don't base a lot on man based religions but I am very spiritual. I have a gift to see a person's inner spirit. So if your intuition moves you, feel free to send me a note and let’s explore chemistry...
59 Chicago, Illinois, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 40
Eye color: Hazel
A decent a caring man. I have always been complemented on my generosity and caring. I hope I can one day share this with you :) I love honesty. I love kindness. I want to meet that someone that makes me only think about them. I want to kiss the last lips I will ever desire again and again. Forever This passage can sum up all that I think and feel about the world: The dying woman It is there, in the final moments, for people whose farthest horizon has always been tomorrow, that one comprehends the profound tragedy circumscribing the life of the proletariat the world over. In those dying eyes there is a submissive appeal for forgiveness and also, often, a desperate plea for consolation which is lost to the void, just as their body will soon be lost in the magnitude of the mystery surrounding us. How long this present order, based on an absurd idea of caste, will last is not within my means to answer, but it’s time that those who govern spent less time publicizing their own virtues and more money, much more money, funding socially useful works. Ernesto Guevara de la Serna Un decente un hombre cariñoso. Siempre me ha complementado en mi generosidad y cariño. Espero que pueda una acción día esto con ustedes :) Me encanta la honestidad. Me encanta la amabilidad. Quiero conocer a alguien que me hace sólo pienso en ellos. Quiero besar los últimos labios jamás voy a desear una y otra vez. Para siempre Este pasaje puede resumir todo lo que yo pienso y siento sobre el mundo: La moribunda Es allí, en los momentos finales, para las personas cuyo horizonte más lejano ha sido siempre de mañana, que uno comprende la profunda tragedia que circunscribe la vida del proletariado del mundo entero. En esos ojos moribundos hay una apelación sometida por el perdón y también, a menudo, una súplica desesperada de consuelo que se pierde en el vacío, al igual que su cuerpo pronto se perderá en la magnitud del misterio que nos rodea. La duración de este orden actual, basado en una idea absurda de casta, tendrá una duración no está dentro de mis posibilidades para responder, pero es hora de que los gobernantes gastan menos tiempo a conocer sus propias virtudes y más dinero, mucho más dinero, la financiación de las obras de utilidad social .
52 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Seeking: Female 22 - 38
Eye color: Hazel
62 San Francisco, California, United States
Seeking: Female 33 - 60
Eye color: Hazel
I do not yet speak Portuguese; who will teach me I will learn with love... here a moment of my life, a journey that has me with a need to belong, as a house is only a box; love is where I find home. I may be rugged to some, good looking to others, yet love and only love is what will bind us. As well I cherish friendship and would like to be friends, as I have traveled far and wide, and value highly every friend I have made. Please enjoy... "Retardar Tango (romance)" Off o sol balança os ramos Savoy marrom e exuberantes longo alcances O vento windng através das madeiras Whispers através dos salgueiros, Ondas selvagem do musgo espanhol; Tombado acolhedor, nós Rir e amor de maneiras de chance- Alegrias que vêm tão livremente, As ervas altas ritmo abaixo Sassy nadar na dança da sombra ~ Romance Em um tango lento ... ~je t’aime~ (Portuguese Version) ….by RaVen DaWn…. away from the daze of private wars near the dream of sea and stars near the dream I dream too far to be near the dream I dream you are ........Building on positives, this box won't tell who I am. Genuine. Underground poet, ...anything but cliche. Do you know the moon is always full. My outlook is to overcome. The byline said to write a little, yet there is nothing little about my heart, or my better qualities. I have no rage, no untrue ways. My partner will be the closest person to me even with so many friends as I have. Now, may we dance... just dance awhile. My poem above from many languages now, written in English and French, so much I must learn.
69 Thousand Oaks, California, United States
Seeking: Female 34 - 52
Eye color: Hazel
I have lived in Thousand Oaks for the last 18 years. I wake up every day blessed to have high energy and great health. People who meet me think I am in my mid-fifties, as I don’t look, act, or sound my age! I love life and love living it to the fullest. I own my own Insurance Agency, focusing on the financial side, so I have some free time and I hope you do also. I also host a weekly live radio show in Ventura. I have a strong work ethic but love to play! I have two beautiful daughters ages 28 and 25, and I love being their dad. My mother taught me to be a gentleman and how to treat a lady, although I still have a little bad boy in me. I am looking for a woman that can be sexy, smart, is comfortable with who she is. I enjoy making my lady laugh! I have classic cars and am a member of a local non-profit car club. I enjoy being out in the sun at a car show with that special lady, followed by a romantic dinner. I think it is important to have hobbies to share with that special person, but alone time is just as important. Cuddling and holding hands are high on my list. I believe in supporting my partner in things she would like to go and do. I like movies, concerts, check out new restaurants, play in the great outdoors, and eat/cook great food. I really enjoy travel (Kauai is one of my favorite spots)! Hiking and picnics are always good, but it’s really about being with that special lady. I like to work out and stay in shape about 4 days a week! I know who I am and what I want. I hope you do to. I would like to find my best friend, lover and life partner. Life is always better when you can share it with someone.



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