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42 Des Moines, Washington, United States
Seeking: Female 21 - 28
Short version: (Long version below) Please read at least the short version before messaging me in order to avoid wasting everyone's time. I truly respect your time and I hope you would respect mine also. I'm very easy going, laid back person. I'm not picky or demanding a high standard although my hard work has let me earned some of the nicer things in life. I don't drink except on few occasions and drugs are a BIG NO. Also I don't like gambling or smoking. I have my own small business in the US and have done well. I have had a few relationships that have broke my heart. I'm a bit of falling in love again but I won't give up on love. My last relationship was almost perfect but lack of communication I think is what destroyed it in the end more than anything else. Long version- Grab a coffee or tea, and maybe a snack, have a seat, and please read on ( Sorry ha if my profile make you feel tulog ha, thats why you need coffee talaga) Chapter 1. (Joke) - Im kind, considerate,..umm..handsome? You decide ;o) For sure I am understanding and since im not a kid anymore, I do have patience...some at least. Some people say that im generous, but for me its just natural, I like to help people when I can. I dont have patience for stupid people im really sorry for saying that but its true. If im in a relationship with you, trust me when I say Ill do anything to make sure your ok. Im not only looking for a partner, but a best friend. Where you go I go, haha...ok not always but you get what I mean. Im always concerned that my lady is in a situation where she is comfortable, and if not, I want to help her feel ok. That doesnt mean Im here to give away money. If thats what your thinking save your time and click the X at the top right corner now (exit) Im not perfect but im worth it ;o) You will see. I spent a lot of time writing my profile, if you would like to consider me, please take a few mins and read it, there will be a quiz later...haha joke. Im not old but im too old to play the games that some do, so I thank you in advance for checking about me! Thanks! Chapter 2 - (Joke 2x) My perfect match would be someone who's smart, beautiful, but of course but then all Filipinas are beautiful, caring, brave, very open minded and willing to explore new things they thought they would never do. Dont get me wrong, beauty is nice but I always said beauty is in the eye of the beholder so, you might not think your beautiful but I might, so leave that decision up to me ok? Looks is not everything, the personality honestly is more important. I can be with the most beautiful woman in the world but if she dont make me happy what good is it? Attitude is probably the most important thing of all, a positive attitude about life is priceless. Also supportive of me and my ideas as I support hers, someone who is compassionate and thoughtful. Ideally someone who is motivated and has goals in life and a plan to achieve them! Im not judgmental, I know that nobody is perfect and Im surely a flawed man. We must both realize this early. Someone who is open to exciting things when it comes to a sex life, open minded and fun etc. Have you seen 50 shades of gray, im that guy, JOKE.. but I would love someone who is willing to be open minded and try new things that we both can enjoy. Sex is important but its only a small percentage of what a real relationship is, however it is a very important part of course and a very fulfilling part that I wish to maximize rather than minimize. The more important question is what would not NOT perfect match be,...these are the things I dont want in a match, I need to be honest here, even though some might consider me rude...im not rude, but I dont want to hurt anybody and I think we should all be very honest with what we want, and what we dont want and our expectations right? I dont mind someone with there own opinion, in fact I think thats great, but I dont want someone who wants to argue with me all the time. If we didnt agree on something thats ok, its not the end of the world, but we just might need to "agree that we disagree" and see if we can find some compromise or common ground. I dont want a girl who gets an attitude with me and might ruin the day because of something we dont agree on etc. I dont like girls that are so bossy, or maybe I should say I prefer a girl who is a bit submissive. Im not a really bossy person myself but at the same time, I dont like to be bossed around either. Of course I want someone who will speak there mind but just try to imagine that you need to help the situation yourself more than telling me what to do. Maybe thats confusing but I hope some will understand it. Another way of saying it is maybe, you should try to be part of the solution rather than adding to the problem. This one is going to sound terrible I know, but..i think its kind of important. I want a girl that would most likely cry rather than shout. Im saying this from experience. I dont want someone who runs from there problems but yet is strong enough to deal with the pain, and figure out a solution. Running away solves nothing. I dont like, no..scratch that...I hate going to bed angry...I just cant do it. We need to be adult enough to speak openly and freely to each other and if there is some conflict lets solve it rather than letting it eat us up inside. Thats not unreasonable is it? Back to the earlier point someone who cries is more likely to remain a bit more calm, and bit more stable and we can work out whatever the issue it. Someone who shouts is likely to make the situation worse, a lot worse. When you shout and get really emotional you say things you dont really mean. This can be very harmful for a long time in a relationship. Lets avoid all that ok? Lets be mature and talk about any issues we are feeling. At the same time we dont need to keep things inside, if we speak our minds we will both feel a lot better, rather than keeping those feelings inside, but also we need to respect what the other person thinks about what you are saying. For example...if you said...lets go here...I said..we can I need to do this etc...then you start acting like a baby...why why why please....we cant do that, im sorry but thats annoying lol. If you made it this far I congratulatile you, you have graduated na. Message me with the secret code word "pink elephant" to redeem your prize. Ok, I think at least 90% of the people here will think im crazy now, which i might be a little bit, but not 100% crazy! haha...so 10% still out there thats willing to find out more about me shoot me a message and lets talk!