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52 Savannah, Georgia, United States
Seeking: Female 23 - 38
Greetings To All: My name is Duncan. I am a 51-year-old Attorney and Businessman who is well educated with a Masters and Doctorate in Law. People consistently described me as intelligent, attractive, healthy, passionate, loyal, devoted, caring, considerate, loving, honest man with a great sense of adventure, enthusiasm, and energy for life. I am of a philanthropic, benevolent and charitable nature. I have three cats and love animals. I enjoy music, movies, cooking, reading, dancing, exercise/fitness, billiards, travel, the beach, water, boating, outdoors, gardening and all kind of sports. I also very much enjoy nice quiet romantic nights at home and special time with loved ones. In addition to having many side interests, I am playful, funny and humorous, clever and caring, serious, reliable, responsive and responsible, communicative, a good listener and have an unerring, kind, gentle and respectful demeanor as well as a loving, caring and compassionate heart. Most of all, I am a family-oriented hardworking man with high aspirations, goals, and objectives. I place a high value on family and friends. Anytime I am with them, I am happy. These are the times I enjoy most regardless of what we are doing. I am very much an optimist and a great believer in human spirit and live my life with passion and integrity. I have worked hard and achieved great success in my Legal Career and as a Businessman. Now it is time to settle down with my partner in marriage and have a family when we decide the time is right. I am traveling to Kiev in mid to late September and travel from there to other cities. I have been to Ukraine many times before and I am knowledgeable about your country. I may buy a flat in the city center of Kiev near Khreschatyk Sreet ( in the area of the Statue of Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Independence Square). I have email, Messenger, Viber, Skype and my cell. We can communicate any way you feel comfortable. I look forward to meeting you! Yours Truly, Duncan USA
42 Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Seeking: Female 21 - 38
Disclaimer: There is no need to pretend to be something or someone you are not. I'd much rather we not waste time pretending, cause being who we are upfront will only improve our ability to communicate more effectively in the process of determining our true compatibility.  I'm Mark and my sole purpose for joining this social site is to interact with like-minded individuals of the opposite sex who are interested in exchanging messages, exploring our compatibility, and possibly meeting up for a "chemistry-check" in a public place (breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, etc.). That said, I would like to disclose the basic dating profile information with hopes that it will peak your interest and influence you to make initial contact or respond to my request.  I am currently employed as an analyst in the banking industry and have enjoyed progressing in my career for the past 15 years. I am a home owner and have been living the single life for a few years, so as you can imagine, my bachelor pad could definitely use the grace and finesse of a woman's touch. Although, I would enjoy relying on the city busing system to get around (save money on gas), I do have my own mode of transportation and enjoy sporadically taking road trips. Let's see...what am I missing???...Oh yeah, I don't have any children of my own, however I do enjoy working with the youth and capitalizing on every opportunity to provide mentorship. I am spiritual (but not religious) and if you don't know the difference, maybe that is something that we can discuss at a later time. I enjoy going to the gym daily - which helps to clear my mind after a stress-filled day and enables me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Lastly, I have no pre-defined preferences for who I socialize with, so if you have an open-mind and are willing to experience new things, by all means....make yourself known.  If, after reviewing my profile, you elect to keep it moving, no worries - you have my word that I won't pursue you any further. I appreciate your time & consideration; and sincerely wish you the best in all of your personal and professional endeavors. I completely understand and respect that everyone has their preference (i.e. standards) and that settling for something or someone that you don't desire is not an option. Fortunately, there are a plethora of dating choices so...bonne chance :) If you would like to know more than the basics above, please feel free to message me. I look forward to the dialogue...Take care.
33 Parkersburg, West Virginia, United States
Seeking: Female 20 - 44
Greetings! So I shall speak through my words. Words are limiting and feel insufficient when I grasp for words to explain my feelings and there is no word to explain. I'll do my best. I am very passionate, DEEP, romantic. I am deeply in love with nature and natural healing. If I heal myself then I can help heal the earth. I love animals. I do not eat animals, dairy or grains, beans,legumes or white potatoes. Rice beans wheat grain cheese milk legumes too much starch ALL of this stuff slowly clogs up the body with mucus ...it is like glue that sticks inside your intestines.... all the bad food especially meat cheese and grains all build up and collect in the intestines....all this waste will slow you down and make you OLD and tired ! God put trees here for a reason!❤❤❤❤ we are not supposed to cut down the tree that can feed us. We are not supposed to cut down the forest so that we can raise animals to kill. People are cutting down the rain forest so they can plant grains and to raise animals to keep. If you were in the palace of heaven....you would not find dead animals there...people would not be eating something that puts off the smell of death. EAT A FLOWER PEDALS WILD FRUIT SALAD!!🥰❤❤🍇💐🍑🍓🥝. PUT beautiful smells in your body...(I'm very green. I am very spiritual about what goes in me my temple. It's important to me that my soulmate is interested in progressing past the normal culture concept about food. It would serve us well if we drank the morning Dew from the leaves and eat the flower pedals and some sun charged mango right off the tree. Our body I believe should be putting off a natural wonderful aroma but most of the population is carrying around so much waste in the body the the smell is leaking out... I believe in fasting for regenerating the body. I believe that the body can regenerate instead of aging. I don't want to fall in love and I don't want to grow old together. I want to rise into love with my partner and grow youthful and stronger. Like an oak that's age is one thousand. Nature is perfect and beautiful. Making love with a purified detoxified body would be like going back to the dawn of time before our diets were corrupted. I'm a fire tiger! I believe in being equal to my woman in every way. I believe in being transparent about money finances emotions.... anything everything fears worries...past partners let it all out. I believe in making decisions together and compromising. I like to work through negative things quickly. I like to stay positive and find solutions. I am very affectionate and love affection. If we are in the same room I'm going to want my partner hands on me even if they are running out the door. I WANT to feel wanted by her! I have only eyes for one woman and I expect the same from her. I think holding hands is very important to do before making love. I think holding hands is deeper than sex. Our heart is also in our hands so if we love holding hands then we will know that we like connecting our hearts. What could be more intamate than holding your heart in my hand and mine in yours. I could live off real hugs feeling the sun soul spark that is within your heart. It's important that my partner be a nature lover. I think it's important for her to want to learn from me and I from her. I really desire for her to explore the idea of doing fasts with me. Water fast, juice fast, (dry fast no food or water) it's important to clean the temple and clean the colon. If you want to remain young and unstoppable the organs and all the pipes of the body must be cleaned and maintained. I like to exercise and would enjoy doing workouts and stretching with my partner I desire to live somewhere tropical again. It hard on me not being able to be in the sun all year. I do not care to live in the winter. Fresh sun charged foods are what I crave. I crave my partner more than anything food/drug. Her taste her smells her love is what will fill my stomach. A good conversation where we really connected will nourish me more than any food ❤🔥❤🐅☀️☄🐾 I want to make my woman feel special and that she is the only one! I wish I could see the ancient forests of antiquity. The gaiant trees are mostly all gone. It truly saddens me deeply to know how beautiful it must have been...and it's all been clear cut. Raping the earth 💔 if we only looked after the trees....the trees would take care of us especially if you live on an tropical island. They the trees make tons of food and you don't have to tear up the eath. The trees produce edible gems and jewels the berries nuts, cherries, mango. Agricultural farming and industrial animal farming is destroying the planet. No one suffers if we eat from the trees ❤ I love sungazing! I can peer directly in to the center of the sun. I can do it at any hour of the day and it does not harm me. It charges my being. The more purified you are ... The more alkaline you are which means the sun will not burn you. Socrates sungazed and moon gazed. Our eyes were ment to feast on God's beautiful landscapes ...feeding the soul. I have a 4 year old son Jupiter. I love him very much. I will graduate from massage therapy school in 4 months. There is so much more details I need to add and I will. Just ASK ❤ ☄🐾🐅❤ Matthew Amor Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android
42 Mobile, Alabama, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 40
I have whatapp. And I love Ethiopian coffee. I'm very outspoken an straight forward I prefer to be honest because it goes far. I love to read and learn something new everyday and enjoy life. I'm 420 friendly but I don't smoke because my job pays me well. I'm looking for a wife to grow old with. I'm hardworking loyal god fearing and love to cook and grilling outside. I'm very well endowed so if you don't like a guy with a long penis keep moving. I love women with a witty personality. I enjoy playing PlayStation or Xbox watching movies on my Amazon fire stick when I have the time. I'm very stable and own my home. I have a blue pitbull and poodles. I volunteer at a veterinarian clinic when I have the time it's a passion of mine. I'm out going and very humorous. I'm a industrial electrician love yoga playing tennis,bowling and coaching little league football. I'm looking for someone that's hardworking with goals that would appreciate being loved that wouldn't mind moving to the United States if we connect. I'm not looking for a liar and I don't want just sex. I want someone I can hold in my arms close to my heart and cuddle up with and laugh after a hard day at work and we put smiles on each other face. I want to touch your heart and make everyday you open your eyes better than the last one. I don't have a problem with middle eastern women or muslims I'd love to date one I've always been curious about them and their culture. But no I'm not converting to Islam and she would have to convert to Christianity.



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