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50 Denver, Colorado, United States
Seeking: Female 26 - 56
As there is only one race, the human race, and more than 200(!) cultures on Earth, we improve our lives learning from and sharing with every culture. World Peace is possible! I am an evolutionary, a solutionary and a creationary man. My African name is Kulumani. On a planet with about 8 billion of our closest friends in this life, I enjoy educating about hemp as the future of over 50,000 eco-friendly Carbon-Negative sustainable products to satisfy more than 1,000 markets worldwide and the future of our species's & planet's best health (=millions of healthy jobs globally). The hemp seed gives us the most bioavalable protein for humans on Earth, renewable biodiesel fuel with the oil and non-toxic paints and varnishes... etc. Eating lots of the the flowers stops, reverses and clears nearly every acute and terminal diseases and cancers by supercharging the immune system via the EndoCannabinoid System with RSO and RSHO (extracts probably clear Ebola, Malaria and Polio & MRSA too, tests are needed immediately!). The stalks can build fireproof houses with hempcrete, produce non-toxic paper and fabrics as soft as silk. The whole plant can be used as hemp graphene for making rechargeable batteries, HPHT diamonds and even high tech electronics as solar cells, as well as end deforestation by creating stronger structural framing for construction. Hemp is one of humanity's greatest gifts, it is the cancer answer and the pollution solution and so very much more. My favorite book is: The Emperor Wears No Clothes (JH). It is my life and love to share hemp with the World. Hempseeds are 25% protein giving all essential amino acids, and 35% oil providing all essential fatty acids in perfect ratio, nations have survived famine due to drought, throughout human history, as it was the only food crop to grow without added water. If I were to run for President of a Nation, I would run with the Cannabis Party and my campaign platform would be 100% Legalization of Cannabis in 2020, as all other issues are secondary due to global ecological, economical and environmental disaster looming over humanity's existence. I also recognize that the 1st country to legalize Cannabis 100% only regulating quality, will be the new World Capitol. Hempseeds will also end starvation as they are the most complete food on Earth with the most bioavalable protein, all essential fatty acids in perfect ratio and all essential amino acids and with plenty of fiber. I enjoy making drums and drumming, as a spiritual hobby, music is good for the mind, body, spirit and soul. Yet now we need to keep our trees alive, and the World needs the new voice of hemp drums! I enjoy dancing Argentine Tango at the Denver Turnverein on Tuesdays now and then, after a one hour dance lesson. So, union would be nice with a woman who may want to assist with teaching Tango, or at least learning and dancing Argentine Tango together. Lessons are all over the world and on YouTube to start learning earlier, it is our planet's most widespread dance style, and most romantic, elegant and sexy. With 20cm, I'm fairly big and good for a white guy, an excellent lover and smarter fighter who enjoys changing the World for the better. Will you also help restore balance anywhere the improperly applied term "mankind" is used by replacing it with the honorable term "humanity" or "humankind"? The term "mankind" is for men, "womankind" is for women & "humankind"/"humanity" are for our entire species. Start your first message with the word "Diggity!" so I know you read my profile before writing. (Also, help replace "man made" with "human made".) Thanks for being you, and for being the smiling flower of love that you are shining ever so brightly in the World being you, for your interest and for reading my profile.
43 Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Seeking: Female 21 - 38
Disclaimer: There is no need to pretend to be something or someone you are not. I'd much rather we not waste time pretending, cause being who we are upfront will only improve our ability to communicate more effectively in the process of determining our true compatibility.  I'm Mark and my sole purpose for joining this social site is to interact with like-minded individuals of the opposite sex who are interested in exchanging messages, exploring our compatibility, and possibly meeting up for a "chemistry-check" in a public place (breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, etc.). That said, I would like to disclose the basic dating profile information with hopes that it will peak your interest and influence you to make initial contact or respond to my request.  I am currently employed as an analyst in the banking industry and have enjoyed progressing in my career for the past 15 years. I am a home owner and have been living the single life for a few years, so as you can imagine, my bachelor pad could definitely use the grace and finesse of a woman's touch. Although, I would enjoy relying on the city busing system to get around (save money on gas), I do have my own mode of transportation and enjoy sporadically taking road trips. Let's see...what am I missing???...Oh yeah, I don't have any children of my own, however I do enjoy working with the youth and capitalizing on every opportunity to provide mentorship. I am spiritual (but not religious) and if you don't know the difference, maybe that is something that we can discuss at a later time. I enjoy going to the gym daily - which helps to clear my mind after a stress-filled day and enables me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Lastly, I have no pre-defined preferences for who I socialize with, so if you have an open-mind and are willing to experience new things, by all means....make yourself known.  If, after reviewing my profile, you elect to keep it moving, no worries - you have my word that I won't pursue you any further. I appreciate your time & consideration; and sincerely wish you the best in all of your personal and professional endeavors. I completely understand and respect that everyone has their preference (i.e. standards) and that settling for something or someone that you don't desire is not an option. Fortunately, there are a plethora of dating choices so...bonne chance :) If you would like to know more than the basics above, please feel free to message me. I look forward to the dialogue...Take care.