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50 Denver, Colorado, United States
Seeking: Female 26 - 56
Hair color: Brown
As there is only one race, the human race, and more than 200(!) cultures on Earth, we improve our lives learning from and sharing with every culture. World Peace is possible! I am an evolutionary, a solutionary and a creationary man. My African name is Kulumani. On a planet with about 8 billion of our closest friends in this life, I enjoy educating about hemp as the future of over 50,000 eco-friendly Carbon-Negative sustainable products to satisfy more than 1,000 markets worldwide and the future of our species's & planet's best health (=millions of healthy jobs globally). The hemp seed gives us the most bioavalable protein for humans on Earth, renewable biodiesel fuel with the oil and non-toxic paints and varnishes... etc. Eating lots of the the flowers stops, reverses and clears nearly every acute and terminal diseases and cancers by supercharging the immune system via the EndoCannabinoid System with RSO and RSHO (extracts probably clear Ebola, Malaria and Polio & MRSA too, tests are needed immediately!). The stalks can build fireproof houses with hempcrete, produce non-toxic paper and fabrics as soft as silk. The whole plant can be used as hemp graphene for making rechargeable batteries, HPHT diamonds and even high tech electronics as solar cells, as well as end deforestation by creating stronger structural framing for construction. Hemp is one of humanity's greatest gifts, it is the cancer answer and the pollution solution and so very much more. My favorite book is: The Emperor Wears No Clothes (JH). It is my life and love to share hemp with the World. Hempseeds are 25% protein giving all essential amino acids, and 35% oil providing all essential fatty acids in perfect ratio, nations have survived famine due to drought, throughout human history, as it was the only food crop to grow without added water. If I were to run for President of a Nation, I would run with the Cannabis Party and my campaign platform would be 100% Legalization of Cannabis in 2020, as all other issues are secondary due to global ecological, economical and environmental disaster looming over humanity's existence. I also recognize that the 1st country to legalize Cannabis 100% only regulating quality, will be the new World Capitol. Hempseeds will also end starvation as they are the most complete food on Earth with the most bioavalable protein, all essential fatty acids in perfect ratio and all essential amino acids and with plenty of fiber. I enjoy making drums and drumming, as a spiritual hobby, music is good for the mind, body, spirit and soul. Yet now we need to keep our trees alive, and the World needs the new voice of hemp drums! I enjoy dancing Argentine Tango at the Denver Turnverein on Tuesdays now and then, after a one hour dance lesson. So, union would be nice with a woman who may want to assist with teaching Tango, or at least learning and dancing Argentine Tango together. Lessons are all over the world and on YouTube to start learning earlier, it is our planet's most widespread dance style, and most romantic, elegant and sexy. With 20cm, I'm fairly big and good for a white guy, an excellent lover and smarter fighter who enjoys changing the World for the better. Will you also help restore balance anywhere the improperly applied term "mankind" is used by replacing it with the honorable term "humanity" or "humankind"? The term "mankind" is for men, "womankind" is for women & "humankind"/"humanity" are for our entire species. Start your first message with the word "Diggity!" so I know you read my profile before writing. (Also, help replace "man made" with "human made".) Thanks for being you, and for being the smiling flower of love that you are shining ever so brightly in the World being you, for your interest and for reading my profile.
41 Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Seeking: Female 32 - 41
Hair color: Brown
Passionate about so many things. Yo hablo espanol. Love to Salsa. My retirement plan is to open a small hotel in the next 5 years or at least buy the land and plan the build from there. It could be anywhere. Im all about delegating authority and not be a slave to the business. Colorado Springs is a wonderful place to live. Search images..unreal. Lets hang out here 10 years, let real estate double, sell everything and go anywhere, do anything. I am humble, self aware, and loyal to those that are loyal to me. Your eyes say everything before you speak. I do not believe in a god. I believe theology does not own morality. My thoughts lean towards we are the universe experiencing itself. I will support your beliefs and protect them. My bar is set so high that I cannot reach it. Together we will rip it down and recycle it into something artistic..lol. I am not afraid to admit when I am wrong and this could be the case at any moment..lol. If you have children, I will take them as my own. Coaching and developing them if they desire. I am sure they will coach and develop me as well. Often the teacher becomes the student. All in good time. We could adopt if you want as there are many children in the world who want to be loved. Natural hot springs are my very favorite places to meditate. Feeling the Earth's warmth cooking me like a lobster makes me feel more human than ever. I really enjoy 4x4 trips to Gold Boom Ghost towns and anything mysterious, creepy, or historic. Throwing pieces of me out there again. Baby steps of course, all in good timing. My heart was shattered early this year. Now I am healing and ready to move on. Ready to loose myself in your unbelievable eyes. blah blah I'm sure but its true... Meditation sunrise or sunset every other day is out there. If you were to plan and prepare meals, I will make sure it is 100% clean before bed each and every night without fail. I am single this year after 10 years I committed my entire self and she did not. I enjoy when a strong woman lays out exactly what she wants and what makes her happiest. Let's do it! Thats HoT! Well that is me in a box. I do live outside the box as well...lol
67 Kahului, Hawaii, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 23
Hair color: Brown
Looking for a good girl...honest girl...a girl that wants one man...no games..the truth only.. Down to earth, mellow and peaceful....seeking true love, long term relationship leading towards marriage...no game playing... I am seriously seeking a lady..that is thin, slender to average in size, plays sports and enjoys living a healthy life.. Gentle, kind, sweet, truly a no nonsense person...I am coming to your country not for a vacation...to see YOU :) A gentle breeze moves me slowly through calm water.. I have moved from Hawaii where I had been on the island of Maui...that is me under the waterfall and sitting on a waterfallstone Seeking an attractive lady, one that is healthy, height and weight in proportion...has a strong spiritual belief...will height be an issue? After all I am over 6' 1".. I have removed penpal and friends...I am seeking a partner for marriage only....--long term relationship... I am who I am... Truth is a key to living, being honest with yourself and to others...having self love, so you can love others... I lived in the jungle on the north side of Maui for around 3 years ...the jungle seemingly exposes who you are and as to whom you thought you were... all I know is that showering in a spring daily or swimming in fresh water streams is a fine way to become clean...not only in a physical sense also in a spiritual and mental sense... .I love the sunsets , I do LOVE the sun and warmer weather" Being healthy is more than a state of mind, which is indeed critical...however, if you have not learned how to eat properly at this age what can I say? Eating close to the earth provides nourishment for the body and the soul...it simply makes you more aware... Now, that I have scared away 90% of all ladies...perhaps, the true and honest 10% will step forward...LOL :) I love to live....peace and happiness comprise my being... "I am who I am" :)) Looking for love in the truest sense :) Running, snowboarding, X-C skiing and golf are but a few of my hobbies...swimming, some surfing, hiking, swimming in fresh water streams.. . I am an avid gardener and grow and cultivate Bonsai Trees I am very romantic, passionate and affectionate....many have tried to catch but alas, only a few have... Now, that I am on this site and have been looking at some ladies that truly interest me...I will be joining shortly...I have indicated that there is an interest in some ladies on this site...I am willing and will in fact be going to a city to meet the lady of my dreams... If you do not have a definitive interest in me...if your profile indicates you are seeking someone younger that I am...please do not contact me unless you truly are interested...or change your range of age... "I am looking for a needle in the haystack" Yes, I have been running for 29 years and have been into diet and health that long as well....:)))) I cook and now how to prepare exceedingly healthy and tasty meals, I am quite well read and have studied the following: Eastern and Western Philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Meridan Therapy, Refelxology, Applied Kinesiology and Shiatsu...do not practice these arts for employment...use them be healthy and the special lady in my life :) Afterall, if you cannot take care of yourself who can... Catch me if you can, you may find the love of your life.!!! Musical interests very greatly from the worlds great composer on towards reggae, jazz, rock and roll, blues and some hip hop rap...I mean seriously who out there does not like Stan by Eminen, or Picture and Cowboy by Kid Rock...I love IZ Over the Rainbow and Hawaii 1978...have not heard these give em a spin :) Well, I love the outdoors and this is who I am....I try not to impress people, I just love being who I am. My Mother instilled great values in my life...I cherish her teachings. Treat others as you would like to be treated. It is better to give than to receive. A lady should be treated with respect. And above all else maintain your integrity. They say I am tall dark and handsome, please find out :)) "Unless it is fun, it is better left undone" I am a professional and was a corporate person. I am still a professional person, just no longer corporate....lol...and I love it. As you may have noted, I play no "games" only golf. Always peace Chipper ô¿ò "if a pebble is thrown into a pond regardless of its size, it will still cause a ripple" "this steel has been hardened by the hottest fire on earth" "The world is a maze and I am walking around blind folded"
49 Anchorage, Alaska, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 37
Hair color: Brown
Update: I came here and said what I said because honestly, if you read everything I wrote and you are good with that on principle, and I 'interested' you, or you just know I will be cool with you (you know who you are), then to me that's most of the way there, cuz I know you'll like me when you meet me, that's the easy part ;) The problem is I know some of these accounts are fake, just because of the timing... okay fine everybody's got to make a buck, but it leaves me very skeptical about everything. I upgraded to 'gold' to talk to some of you and it wants me to do a marriage form disclosure just to read the email. Look I've never even online dated here, never needed to... still don't, the appeal was putting it all out there up front, and only dealing with girls that sounded good to. I'm down with disclosing everything about myself, but I have enter details about my kids, which I'm not going to do on a dating site. I'm really sick of fakes, and obviously so are some of you. I really wanted to talk to those sweet girls that liked what wrote me, if they were real. My gym is called Adaptfit in Soldotna, check it out and let know what you think ;) -- Thanks for checking me out... Why am 'I' on this site? Well, (this will save many of you some trouble, because I'm going to be honest) As pretty as they are, American women have just become flat out unmarriageable. If it's a global thing or not I don't know... The problem I've concluded, after bringing my considerable intellectual resources to bear on this, is attitude. I'm a very old fashioned, alpha type of a man, something for which I am grateful, but American women have been taught that's bad, so they want these feminized males this has produced. I'm trying this out, because I'm a man, and I want a woman that likes me being a man, and she likes being a woman, acts feminine, does cute girly things, smells good, looks pretty, all that. My kids don't live with me, I'm self employed, own a gym in a small town. I workout, go shooting and camping when I can. Relationships are the most important to me at this point in my life. I want the right one. The most important thing to me is 'loyalty' - and all that implies. I'm not looking for a Russian, or a Ukrainian, or an American, I'm looking for someone who wants to identify as 'mine'. Other details include but aren't limited to, I usually make it a point to smell good, I like to touch... all the time, cooking is a biggie, I'm very into my girl, making sure she's happy, feeling good... all that. I'm fiercely loyal, naturally I expect the same in speech and in actions, which is why honesty has to be total between us. As far as age difference, don't worry, I've been told by more than one very reliable source that I'm very immature, so no worries ;) I'm simple guy, I want simple things. I own a gym in Soldotna Alaska where I work as a coach/trainer. I make enough to live how I want, I value time-freedom far more than money.
46 Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 33
Hair color: Brown



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