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Mato Grosso

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36 Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil
Seeking: Male 30 - 55
25 Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil
Seeking: Male 29 - 42
Only a good person the joyful fun loving I decied to do a profile of my own I am part of a small group of people who do not like the most obvious things... While all go to the same places i go where I think more "cool" While all follow the "MODINHA" I'd rather do what gives me pleasure while all look to the same side as I drift my gaze to what attracts my instinct I try to be at present, but I must admit that the past is something inherent to my human condition... Daily listen with attention to the people who come to me diving inside each one when you allow me and together we found a way to emerge... I always try to understand what they want from me When you tune me But sometimes the person does not know whether there is more difficult! Return energy to the extent possible change of Polarity if need be I can be what you want I'm not afraid of everything that I am able but i can only go up to where allow me any way i try and always give the best of me I am what your perception allow you see... I might be crazier than you think... And smarter than you think! I may be more intense than you think... And happier than you ever dreamed of! Maybe I have the courage to say what you did not dare or learn to say so simple that you cannot express... Maybe you don't understand anything of what i say... But if not, it is because it is not right for you to understand. Perhaps I will allow me to be different every day or perhaps I simply is well and truly likes to be so... Perhaps I like waking up every day and flow with life say what you feel because I feel. I like to laugh at myself to make Drama when i am very sad to having the pain... But also when it is going at once! I like to read things that make me think differently...i love change idea!!! I like people to "attitude" that make me think about my...Like trying to learn and grow through my experiences.I love to be surprised... I believe very much in human potential... In fact i love the human being in a way in general I chose my profession for love ... I became what i am love Alias "love moves me... I speak only for him..." I have a passion for my life! By this I am always being complacent myself... But I admit error when I apologize and i am learning to deal with my anxiety. I believe that when it comes to my strength...when it is more or less isn't meant to be! I don't like to obscure situations do not like people who are half next to me... And the other half in doubt without knowing where to go... I don't like to live more or less kiss more or less embracing more or less feel more or less... In these situations I am not i...i am a part of me, and I believe that does not flow as it should... Something that I learned is that if I don't understand you blame is yours and vice versa...I show you as you become shows ... But sometimes you only see what you want to see...Or you can ... rs! Preview intensely yes... And if the balance is in the middle path... There are times when you need to choose... Everything is subject to change and you need to be strong to realize that the "persona" is also flexible and changes... The question then is to have flexibility... You must learn to be strong but flexible at the same time... And if live intensely is being between life and death... Does not cease to be the middle path... rs i... always filosofando other... Perhaps you have a mistaken idea about my person ...Perhaps you know me more than you can imagine ...Or maybe you don't really know me... You may not know himself...or maybe i am just someone very different from you! Perhaps nothing don't care as much as you think...Maybe you have read all this up here because we import more than i ... rs but just maybe! Anyway... Life is a blast! ❤



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