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57 São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil
Seeking: Male 45 - 60
Ola friend it Be welcome to my page! If vc arrived to aki, with certainty some special reason exists. Therefore NOTHING HAPPENS BY CHANCE agrees? Then, please it stayed at ease! And already q vc equal by aki, pq vc does not take advantage of this pause and does a reflection.. yes, answer me: The q vc did hj for this world be better of the already is? The q vc already did hj, by vc even? Qtas persons vc already helped hj? Qtas persons vc already did to smile hj? Vc knows which is the day + beautiful? TODAY Vc which is a person + beautiful of the world? YOU Vc knows which the thing + easy be done? It AIM THE ERRORS DOS OTHERS Vc knows which to + difficult? It ADMIT Q we ERR Which the best present q vc is able to give me? A TRUE, LOYAL, AND SINCERE FRIENDSHIP Which the worst feeling q exists? The GRUDGE TO + noble of the attitudes? The PARDON THE force + powerful q exists? The FAITH TO + beautiful of all the things? The LOVE Therefore, intelligence without LOVE, does you perverse! The success without LOVE, does you arrogant! And the life without LOVE.. HAS NOT FELT! It takes advantage of then now, and put + LOVE in his life.. following for another ROAD.. I Want q vc trusted in me and WALKS WITH ME NOW.. We go the two of us joined follow the.. "ROAD OF THE WELL" That good q vc veio!!..................................” For all action there is a reaction... If you determine, God will establish... If you believe God will do... If you foretell the miracle is going to happen... If you expect with certainty the victory is going to receive!" God Blesses to its Lives Today and Always! Friends I; desires Life about your Life! Unction about yours Your Walk work! Salvation in your family! Liberation in your house! It cures in your Heart! Scarring of Wound! Portion Fold of Love about his relationship or Marriage! That the One that Is Being Humiliated will be exalted! That who affronted goes you Honor you! That who asked: Where is Your God and laughed? It is going to see He be Revealed through its Fair Victory! That Everything that what God promised you in your determined time will be carried out! And that no alone one of the dreams of God in the High Places will leave of Fix! Believe In That Prophetic Word that God is using for your LIFE! The Word of God does not come back Empty! Td that does not come of the Father fell for land already!
41 São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil
Seeking: Male 30 - 42
"I want everything new of new. I am not going to feel fear. I want deliver myself more, play me more, love more. It travel until tire. I am going to leave for the world. I want weekends of beach. Take advantage of the friends and embrace-them more. I am going to see more film and eat springs up more, read more. Leave more. I want a new work. I want do not delay myself so much, neither concern me so much. I am going to live alone, I am going to have moments of peace. I want dance more. It eat more chocolate truffle of pot, wake up more early and save more. Smile more, less cry and help more. Think more and think less. Walk more of bicycle. Go more times to the park. I am going to be happy, I want calm, I want another one tattoo. I want look myself more. Cut more the hair. It take more sun and more I bathe of rain. I need concentrate myself more, go into raptures more. I am not going to expect more, I am going to do more, sweat more, sing more and more. I am going to know more persons. I want to look at front and alone the necessary one for backwards. I want to look us eyes than did to suffer and smile and embrace, without sorrow. I am going to ask less excuses, feel less fault. I want more ground, little they go and more little balls of soap. I am going to accept less, inquire more, dare more. Experience more. I want less "but". I am not going to feel so much nostalgia. I want more and everything the more. "And the remainder that itself come vier, or will have that come, or come not". Fernando Person.



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