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41 Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Seeking: Female 32 - 41
Living situation: Live with friends
Passionate about so many things. Yo hablo espanol. Love to Salsa. My retirement plan is to open a small hotel in the next 5 years or at least buy the land and plan the build from there. It could be anywhere. Im all about delegating authority and not be a slave to the business. Colorado Springs is a wonderful place to live. Search images..unreal. Lets hang out here 10 years, let real estate double, sell everything and go anywhere, do anything. I am humble, self aware, and loyal to those that are loyal to me. Your eyes say everything before you speak. I do not believe in a god. I believe theology does not own morality. My thoughts lean towards we are the universe experiencing itself. I will support your beliefs and protect them. My bar is set so high that I cannot reach it. Together we will rip it down and recycle it into something artistic..lol. I am not afraid to admit when I am wrong and this could be the case at any moment..lol. If you have children, I will take them as my own. Coaching and developing them if they desire. I am sure they will coach and develop me as well. Often the teacher becomes the student. All in good time. We could adopt if you want as there are many children in the world who want to be loved. Natural hot springs are my very favorite places to meditate. Feeling the Earth's warmth cooking me like a lobster makes me feel more human than ever. I really enjoy 4x4 trips to Gold Boom Ghost towns and anything mysterious, creepy, or historic. Throwing pieces of me out there again. Baby steps of course, all in good timing. My heart was shattered early this year. Now I am healing and ready to move on. Ready to loose myself in your unbelievable eyes. blah blah I'm sure but its true... Meditation sunrise or sunset every other day is out there. If you were to plan and prepare meals, I will make sure it is 100% clean before bed each and every night without fail. I am single this year after 10 years I committed my entire self and she did not. I enjoy when a strong woman lays out exactly what she wants and what makes her happiest. Let's do it! Thats HoT! Well that is me in a box. I do live outside the box as well...lol
50 Birmingham, Alabama, United States
Seeking: Female 36 - 53
Living situation: Live with friends
This part is never easy for anyone to write but I have grown up and lived most of my life in the southeast United States. I have lived near Nashville, in Miami, in Atlanta, and currently live in Birmingham, Alabama. I was married for eight years and went through a divorce about 7 years ago. It wasn’t until recently that I decided that I wanted to start dating again and see what else is out there as I know God has put someone out there in my life for me to find. I am well educated with several degrees and have been blessed to have been successful in my career and I get to work doing something that I love every day. I am a very optimistic person and I like to surround myself around good people that are also optimistic and able to see the good things in life. I am a very Christian man and will only want to meet someone that is also willing to grow in their faith and take the journey to be closer to God. This does not mean that I am perfect or that anyone else out there has to be perfect but rather we are willing to work to be better people. I am motivated and loyal and have learned to overcome whatever adversity comes my way. When I was starting college as an athlete I was in a car accident and suffered a spinal cord injury that left me in a wheelchair. Instead of looking at that as a bad thing I used that to motivate me to work harder than everyone else and compete to be the best at whatever I set out to do. It ended up being a blessing and has never held me back in achieving whatever I set out to do. I have been blessed more than I ever deserve and I cannot wait to see what great things are ahead of me in my life. A positive attitude can take you so far in life and in the process help you be a better person. I have several friends who are Brazilian and they have taught me a great deal about Brazilian culture. Since I seem to get along well with Brazilians I figured I had nothing to lose to give this a try and see who might be out there that would be a great match. I like to think that I am a great guy who is very loyal who has a lot to offer the right person.
31 Käne‘ohe, Hawaii, United States
Seeking: Female 21 - 32
Living situation: Live with friends
I moved to Oahu about 5 years ago for a job at Pearl Harbor as a civil servant and for a little more active lifestyle. I'm not in the military! I get the your obviously in the military statement a lot around here which makes sense with so many service members that look like me coming and going on the island. I tend to follow my own simple philosophy when it comes to how I treat everyone. Respecting others is big to me. It is pretty easy to put yourself in others shoes and know if how your treating them is not how you would want to be treated. I am not perfect either so I think it is important to admit when you are wrong to yourself and others. Be genuine about it.... learn from it.... then apply what you learned in the future. Most people I have met seem to have lost the ability to have a little self pride in everything they do. It is this positive quality that is the only true reason for ever being selfish......that is......getting a good feeling that comes from hurting no one around you. OK more about me...... Originally from a small town in southern Alabama on the Gulf Coast near Mobile AL. Prior Air Force aircraft mechanic while I paid my way through Engineering school at Auburn University---War Eagle by the way----. After College I moved to Houston for 3 years to take an amazing job in the space industry training astronauts for spacewalks. Took an oppurtunity to get out of TEXASs after the shuttle program ended. Houston was not for me! Traveling is always top on my list. I have been a lot of places outside of the US and after moving here I have officially been to all the states of America. I am proud to be able to tell anyone living here that yes indeed this is one of the greatest if not best places in the US to be and/or live although super expensive. Constantly trying to find the time and money to go explore somewhere new. My next place to visit is hopefully New Zealand. I love the outdoors with a good mix of hiking and beach activities. Absolutely love it here and always looking to meet new people. Tend to like a lot of styles of music. I'm one of those if it sounds good and I like the lyrics it is good to me.



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