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71 - 100 of 100
49 São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Seeking: Male 36 - 49
I gotta update this profile... give me some time as last time I wrote it was about 5 years ago! =) I have lived in Japan for ten years and I've been living in Brazil for fifteen years since then (I call it carma!), I have my own house and I own a company (and I feel like getting rid of both of them and moving to the jungle), Intense, tense on some periods (a girl living in a concrete jungle after all), no patience for the entire let's get to know eachother forever thing and not willing to put effort on the friendship with benefits relationship style either, studying Psychology (after I have figured my own head I can probably lend a hand on yours), an amazing mother of three amazing kids (and although they don't give me any headache (anymore) no ****ing way I'm having another one of those things! (I would consider adopting tho!) loving (if you keep being lovable!), a bit sarcastic, (mostly on myself!), not the jealous type (anymore), hard worker (it doesn't mean I'm good at making money), not the kind of women who would spend five hours shopping or six in a beauty saloon (if you're looking for a brazilian Barbie, please move on to next profile - I'm quite normal and I'm not obscessed with my as*, my looks or my bank account, or yours!). Lately I've been commited to teach my kids real values and multiple ways of surviving without being a muppet of the system, teaching is one of my passions, learning as well, reading, camping, cooking, dancing, nature, pets, good music, good talks and spirituality. By the way, I'm number 7, Scorpio is my solar sign, moon in Leo and ascendant in Aries. So, loyalty is what suits me the most and it's also what I'm looking for (whatever we decide to go for! =) Hope to talk to you soon, cheers! =) A little about who I expect to meet: My perfect deal wouldn't bother if I cursed, cause I believe we achieve better communication if we are free to speak whatever comes to our mind. He would probably curse as well, cause it would sound to him like any other word in his language. He wouldn't mind teaching new words and correcting his partner as he knows her first language isn't English. He would also have lots of fun learning Portuguese, as sharing knowledge is one of his passions! He desires to live in a community, to build a community or to have his own community, sharing, caring, giving, receiveing, building, enjoying each other and taking good care of each other the best way he can. He loves to learn about different cultures, new food, new songs, new games. He also enjoys cooking, building, remodeling, renovating... together! =) He's a talker! He loves to talk about life, he's witty and he has a gret sense of humor, with lots of sarcasm! At the same time, he's spiritual, emotional and sensitive. He's not afraid of showing and getting afection. He loves to cuddle and spooning. He knows how important is to embrace. He's willing to be faithful and to enjoy his future wife's body to the fullest. No limits for love and touching. No cheating. I hope his arms feels like home to me as my lap and shoulder to him. He's a self employed, or at least he wishes to be, he knows how to manage his time to have more enjoyable time with his family. ;) He's a big man who wears a huge heart. Not afraid of asking for help, humble enough to know he can learn from young, who lends his ears to the elderly and likes to volunteer. he loves animals and he respects all beings. He treats people like he wants to be treated. A little (more) about myself: I have three kids, 17, 14 and 10 and they're incredibly sweet and cool. We all do Capoeira, rollerskate and sports. I'm an autodidact by nature, I speak Portuguese, English, Japanese, Spanish and I can understand most latin based languages. I've been a teacher for almost twenty years. (Although I have recently closed the company and became a hippie) I've built part of my house myself. (including the bathtub!) I don't watch TV at all, but I do love films. I was married twice for ten years each time. (I consider it sucessfull!) I've been self employed for the last 15 years. I'm now running a project with my kids, it has to do with practical learning, sustaintability, renovating, art, non-violent communication, copyleft products and sharing knowledge. I've been learning about spirituality through ayahuasca and Xamanism. I love to get my hands dirty making art or remodeling whatever. I'm fine with being single, but I think I work much better in a team. ;) Well, from the novel above, you can figure that I'm pretty real. I have no time for bs, nor drama. Whatever you ask me I'll answer. I have no problem communicating how I feel and I'm not ashamed of who I am. The reason I'm looking for a foreigner has to do with the lack of values and moral in my own country. I even like the fact we're some continents away, it will give us time to get to know each other further. ;) If I find the man I'm looking for I have no problems moving abroad, as I'll be fine if he decides to move in. Anything for the benefit of the whole. Cheers! =)
41 Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Seeking: Male 30 - 44
48 Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil
Seeking: Male 38 - 50
I'd like to meet someone who inspires me to be a better person. Someone that has qualities that I appreciate and admire. Someone who is patient with my imperfections and strong enough to motivate me to improve on the things I want to improve. Someone that sees the larger picture of lifes challenges and sticks by me through the good times and the bad times. I want to partner, to trust, love, and love with all my heart. Have one brasilian poem from Martha Medeiros wich express very well what I think about the real relationship. I would not have better words... ..Sorry for some possible mistakes in the english language..I tried to translate the better as I can.....poems have many meanings area: 10,000 square meters..... :​ "the relationship has to serve to you feel 100% comfortable with someone else, to agree with the other and disagree too, to having sex without "air and graces" or to fall soon after dinner sleeping "tired". The relationship must serve for you have with whom to go to the movie theater hand by hand, to have someone install the new sound, while you prepare an omelet, to have someone with whom to travel to a distant country, to have someone with whom to be silent, without neither bother with that. The relationship has to be used to sometimes stimulate you to ​dress up and, almost always, encouraging you to be natural like you are, a beautiful person in your own way. The relationship has to serve for one and another feel supported in your concerns, to teach the trust, respect differences among people, and should serve to have good moments together, even at home, especially at home. The relationship must be used to cover the costs of ​each other in times of restraint, and cover the pain of another in a moment of melancholy, and cover the body of each other , when the blanket fall. The relationship is be a partner to ​go together in the doctor, forgive the weaknesses of each other, open a bottle of wine, while the other open some conversation, and for the two open yourselves to the world, aware that the world is not limited to two ... " Martha Medeiros. If you are the kind of man wich want something beautiful and desire to build something special with someone, and match with my profile, please send me a message to we get to know each other. Who knows what can happen? ;-) PS: In pics, no reply. And be aware about the age limited. I am just not interested in too much old or young men. Sorry.
30 São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Seeking: Male 30 - 52
In the ethical realms of modernity, where the poetry of existence intertwines with the quantum undulatives of feminine essence, I, a tender soul traversing the labyrinth of femininity, navigate the complexities of our times. Within this cosmic tapestry, I emprego qualidade que transcends the mundane and elevates the spirit. Emanando do depths do meu bem, my laughter dances like stardust, weaving smiles on unsuspecting lips and dissolving the sorrows of weary hearts. A delicate sensitivity weaving through the fabric of my soul, attuned to the whispers of emotions and the symphony of the Universe. Alas, the vicissitudes of a turbulent era have cast shadows upon my heart, as I recoil from the shallowness of superficial alliances, the availability of transient connections, and the abuse that poses the sanctity of love. Through these ordeos, I have emerged as a strongman, earning for the purity of ethereal love that transcends the toxins of this world. With anticipamento that ignes like a cosmic flame, I will find the sacred bond that resonates with the very essence of my being – the cherished soul who mirrors my depest desires. In the sacred dance of intertwined destinies, our Unified Spirits will create a symphony that transcends time and space. May this digital reality be the conduit through which destination reunites souls, guiding us toward the divine convergence of hearts united by a love that defies quantum probabilities and entangles our cosmic destinies. Together, we have created a symphony of love, where our souls find solace in the embrace of our long-awaited twin flames, and journey into forever entered, transcending the limits of this mortal realm.