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Mato Grosso

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Flavia Maria
31 Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil
Seeking: Male 20 - 35
What can I say about myself? I consider myself extrovert, talkative, very creative, intense and as friend told me once I`m the one that needs sense to live. And It is also what my other friends say about me. I prefer change than stability, I like to be independent in what I do and I also look for new different experiences all the time. I have an adventurous personality, I want to discover the world, I enjoy facing up to new situations. I really enjoy being busy and active, but sometimes I think It is good to have time to reflect and re-energise myself. I find routine quite boring so I try to make my day-to-day life as excited as possible by doing things that I like to do. I love my job, I`m a teacher, It`s good to deal with people and I feel that I`m very useful, specially when I see good results and feel that my students like what I do. I find it very funny, I do it for pleasure. It`s what I like most about my life. I`m very good at socialising when I meet people for the first time, I find easy to make the first move, I like to get to know people from all over the world, any age, colour or sex, no prejudice. I like to share my emotions in a genuine and honest way, I can easily open up my feelings, as I said I`m very talkative and express my feelings naturally, but when I`m supporting someone I prefer simply listen and give loving attention, trying to be open and non- judgemental, in this way the person feels listened to and accepted. When I think about future, I like to be flexible and creative, which gives me lots of room to make the most of unexpected opportunities. I love my family and I like to spend some quality time with them and also with my friends, I have a religion, I know that God loves me and looks after me and I find to have my beliefs and trust in God is something very important in life. Lately, I`m looking after myself more than I look after other people, I don`t think I`m being selfish, It is because I thought I`ve abandoned myself for some time, and I`m trying to recover what I`ve lost. I know what makes me happy, and I think about that first, which means that I put the opinion of other in second place. That`s it. My fulfiment comes first and nothing is going to hold me back from making the most of that. I`m very determined and as Beyonce says `I have a huge ego. `
34 Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil
Seeking: Male 26 - 54
Personally , I am not here for prank ... I seek someone of character, sincere ... i am decedida and I am of opinion ... When i want i mourning until the end, i.e. until the conquest .... OK I am just for some. Μuito for others. Μas enough for myself ... "I AM NOT FUN NOR spends TIME PRA NO MAN. I HAVE HEAD, HEART AND I RESPECT. I AM PERSON WITHIN PRA OUTSIDE. MY BEAUTY IS IN MY ESSENCE IS IN MY NATURE. I BELIEVE IN DREAMS, NOT IN Utopia. BUT WHEN YOU DREAM, DREAM HIGH. I AM HERE IT ISN'T LIVE, FALL, LEARN, LIFT AND MOVE FORWARD. I AM SO TODAY ... TOMORROW, ALREADY REINVENTEI ME. REINVENTO ME ALWAYS THAT LIFE ASKS A LITTLE MORE OF ME. I AM COMPLEX, I AM MIXING, I AM A WOMAN WITH FACE OF GIRL ... AND VICE VERSA. I LOSE MY, ME I TRY AND I think. AND WHEN NECESSARY, ENLOUQUEÇO AND I ROLL ... NOT ME DÔO BY HALF, I AM NOT THY MEANS FRIEND OR YOUR ALMOST LOVE. OR I AM EVERYTHING OR I AM NOTHING. NO I CAN'T STAND HALF TERMS. AM BOBA, BUT I AM NOT STUPID. INGÊNUA, BUT NOT SANTA. I AM PERSON laughing FÁCILѕσυ єχαтαмєηтє σ qυє єυ gσѕтαяια ∂Є ѕєя board and scream UP! →UU sєgяєdσ d vîvєя єн dєxα αcσиtecer ღღ ρяιи¢єѕιинα ∂Σ вєιм ღღ _●•GąяФ┬ą ∂Σ мαℓ •●_ α мiηiηiηнα cσм cαяα dє sαηtiηнα , jєitσ єηgяαcαdσ dє sєя , dσcє мєηiηα . ツCяiiαиcα qυє тє єиcαитαα¹. Мєиiiиα qυє тєє ƒαรciiиα². Мυℓнєєя qυє тє єиℓσσυqυєcєє³ .! ツ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗‗ мi αмα? !мuitσ вσм fєx α єscσlнαя cєяtα!
Ju Arruda
40 Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil
Seeking: Male 33 - 48



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