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Flavia Maria
32 Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil
Seeking: Male 20 - 35
What can I say about myself? I consider myself extrovert, talkative, very creative, intense and as friend told me once I`m the one that needs sense to live. And It is also what my other friends say about me. I prefer change than stability, I like to be independent in what I do and I also look for new different experiences all the time. I have an adventurous personality, I want to discover the world, I enjoy facing up to new situations. I really enjoy being busy and active, but sometimes I think It is good to have time to reflect and re-energise myself. I find routine quite boring so I try to make my day-to-day life as excited as possible by doing things that I like to do. I love my job, I`m a teacher, It`s good to deal with people and I feel that I`m very useful, specially when I see good results and feel that my students like what I do. I find it very funny, I do it for pleasure. It`s what I like most about my life. I`m very good at socialising when I meet people for the first time, I find easy to make the first move, I like to get to know people from all over the world, any age, colour or sex, no prejudice. I like to share my emotions in a genuine and honest way, I can easily open up my feelings, as I said I`m very talkative and express my feelings naturally, but when I`m supporting someone I prefer simply listen and give loving attention, trying to be open and non- judgemental, in this way the person feels listened to and accepted. When I think about future, I like to be flexible and creative, which gives me lots of room to make the most of unexpected opportunities. I love my family and I like to spend some quality time with them and also with my friends, I have a religion, I know that God loves me and looks after me and I find to have my beliefs and trust in God is something very important in life. Lately, I`m looking after myself more than I look after other people, I don`t think I`m being selfish, It is because I thought I`ve abandoned myself for some time, and I`m trying to recover what I`ve lost. I know what makes me happy, and I think about that first, which means that I put the opinion of other in second place. That`s it. My fulfiment comes first and nothing is going to hold me back from making the most of that. I`m very determined and as Beyonce says `I have a huge ego. `
60 Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil
Seeking: Male 50 - 65
On the outside the girl that many judge. ..Por inside the woman that few know!!! An eternal apprentice... For some the stupidest person of the world. ..Para others an adorable girl! Is not going to understand, is not going to label, try not defined... That that I laughed at any silliness, that is frightened with everything that cries for relief the pain... That flood of manias, tastes and unusual, strange reactions... That sick but anxious person... That that is not going to conceal smile him... That that itself amuses with little... That that speaks by the elbows but likes to think in silence... That that itself easy magician but that knows to forgive... That proud girl but that recognizes his errors... That that has endless number defects but incredible qualities. ... A common person, but not an any person!!! Ugly for some, Pretty for Others... Think what Will Want... After all it Beauty is us Eyes Whose Sees! I am a mature woman, that sometimes jokes of swing... I am an insecure infant, that sometimes walks of high jump! Who sees, thinks. Who conhece,sabe!!! I am much more than those letter, phrases and pictures that speak about myself... I am the my attitudes, my feelings, the my ideas... What really is going to be worth hardly be alive, there is not movie camera or camera that records... Surpresas,gargalhadas,lágrimas,enfim,o that I feel who I am you alone is going to perceive when look us myself eyes, or better, beyond them... I can be his bigger dream or its worse nightmare... I can be its better friend or its worse enemy... I can be its better enemy as I can be its worse friend... I can be his error as I can be its I set right... I can be the perfume more sweet or to even the most lethal poison... I can be HIS vc want. ..mas I can be its NOTHING, sufficiency vc take a step outside of the line... I can be its better conquest or then its worse defeat... I can be the solution of his problems, but I can be on account of them. And everything that alone depends on you! I am "Ester" and the pleasure eh all its! !!”
35 Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil
Seeking: Male 26 - 54
Personally , I am not here for prank ... I seek someone of character, sincere ... i am decedida and I am of opinion ... When i want i mourning until the end, i.e. until the conquest .... OK I am just for some. Μuito for others. Μas enough for myself ... "I AM NOT FUN NOR spends TIME PRA NO MAN. I HAVE HEAD, HEART AND I RESPECT. I AM PERSON WITHIN PRA OUTSIDE. MY BEAUTY IS IN MY ESSENCE IS IN MY NATURE. I BELIEVE IN DREAMS, NOT IN Utopia. BUT WHEN YOU DREAM, DREAM HIGH. I AM HERE IT ISN'T LIVE, FALL, LEARN, LIFT AND MOVE FORWARD. I AM SO TODAY ... TOMORROW, ALREADY REINVENTEI ME. REINVENTO ME ALWAYS THAT LIFE ASKS A LITTLE MORE OF ME. I AM COMPLEX, I AM MIXING, I AM A WOMAN WITH FACE OF GIRL ... AND VICE VERSA. I LOSE MY, ME I TRY AND I think. AND WHEN NECESSARY, ENLOUQUEÇO AND I ROLL ... NOT ME DÔO BY HALF, I AM NOT THY MEANS FRIEND OR YOUR ALMOST LOVE. OR I AM EVERYTHING OR I AM NOTHING. NO I CAN'T STAND HALF TERMS. AM BOBA, BUT I AM NOT STUPID. INGÊNUA, BUT NOT SANTA. I AM PERSON laughing FÁCILѕσυ єχαтαмєηтє σ qυє єυ gσѕтαяια ∂Є ѕєя board and scream UP! →UU sєgяєdσ d vîvєя єн dєxα αcσиtecer ღღ ρяιи¢єѕιинα ∂Σ вєιм ღღ _●•GąяФ┬ą ∂Σ мαℓ •●_ α мiηiηiηнα cσм cαяα dє sαηtiηнα , jєitσ єηgяαcαdσ dє sєя , dσcє мєηiηα . ツCяiiαиcα qυє тє єиcαитαα¹. Мєиiiиα qυє тєє ƒαรciiиα². Мυℓнєєя qυє тє єиℓσσυqυєcєє³ .! ツ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗‗ мi αмα? !мuitσ вσм fєx α єscσlнαя cєяtα!



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