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32 São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil
Seeking: Male 20 - 42
- already do not I dream more in go for a mediocre future. I want a full life of charms and of loves, in that the persons be liked truth. I am going to go for the entire world: surf in the Australia, pass the coldness of the Europe and come back for the arms of my one Brazil tropical. dream in go for a land in that have not weakness because, when the majority of him you will be humans His defects, finishes giving up of the his objectives. and I not. I am not going to give up, because that word never was part of the list of dreams for where do I desire to go. • Naõ I am lived, more the life ja did myself learn how:) Original English: - In lives dream of going it to you to mediocre future. I want to life full of charm and love, where people really like. want it to you go it to you the whole world: surfing in Australia, through the cold of Europe and back into the arms of my tropical Brazil. dream of going it to you to land where there i in the weakness because, when the majority of human beings it to you deal with its flaws, just giving up their goals. and I of the not. I will not give up, because that word has never been part of the list of dreams where I want it to you go. • Non' m experienced, the lives life has made me learn:) Dutch translation: Niet meer dromen van naar een middelmatige toekomst. Ik wil een leven vol charm en liefde, waar mensen echt willen. wil naar of hele wereld: surfen in Australië, door of koude van Europe en terug in of armen van mijn tropische Brazilië. droom you gaan naar een land waar er geen zwakte, want wanneer of meerderheid van of mensen om you gaan met zijn gebreken, maar die hun doelen. en ik niet. Ik zal niet opgeven, omdat dat woord nooit i onderdeel van of lijst van of dromen waar ik wil gaan. • Non' m ervaren, hoe meer leven heeft mij leren:) Norwegian translation: - Ingen flere drøm om ￿ g￿ tilde en middelm￿dig fremtid. Jeg low ha et liv fullt av sjarm og kjaerlighet, will give folk liker. low g￿ tilde hele verden: surfing i Australia, gjennom den kalde Europe og tilbake inn i armene mines tropiske Brazil. drøm om ￿ g￿ tilde et land will give det ikke er svakhet, fordi n￿r of fleste mennesker ￿ h￿ndtere sine feil, bare gi opp sine m￿l. og jeg vet ikke. Jeg low ikke gi opp, fordi det ordet aldri har vaert en del av listen over drømmer hvor jeg low hen. • Non' m opplevd, jo mer livet har gjort meg vite:)
50 São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil
Seeking: Male 40 - 51
Harder to define myself on concepts,because i like you,or any other human being we are unique and there is no way to compare with each other.I am just a woman,with the awareness that in me inhabit many,but in all overflowing love,... ja lived together and I have son (14 years old),love to chat,a homemade both,enjoy the house,watch a good movie,cooking and tasting together,I love dancing,but am not fond of crowds, ballads,i love to be reading book on a beach and enjoying the sea,looking who passes,thinking in their life histories, or to be at the top of a mountain warmed by a bonfire,wine on a full moon night,.i try you,(as i am and i)sensitive,loving,intelligent.. that kiss with the soul and feel my body as an extension of the His,someone who can see the grace from day to day,matured emotionally,well with the life,solved with his past,who likes a lot of talk, being among friends and family, that respects the individuality of another, who has attitudes and positive thoughts,that don't live a sedentary life,who likes and walking from the simple to the sophisticated,(when this is not overreact),q has been accustomed to run behind his achievements,who likes to take care of yourself, which has self love,and i respect as a human being,q is strong, balanced and disciplined p did not feel threatened by my wins and q continue the same way p not to let down by my losses and q as i still have dreams and ideals, and please share your Learning and knowledge acquired that will be necessary and indispensable p build and strengthen our history..i understand the relationship loving an experience rich in enchantment, discovery and growth,and really doesn't relate a series of requirements for FP,many times a person meets all,and even so does that of the relationship.I would say that the love and passion are in different shapes,powerful forces which give meaning to life, and that the fate always of a way to show us a way to happiness,and allows us to want to relive the discovery, the passion, the enchantment that exists in love.I admire people of good character,and who have mastery of self and everything around him,and today the maturity allows me to look with less illusion,accept With less suffering, understand and want with more calm,and believe that two people who love if they accept and complete...prepared to live a new and great love,and if possible q is the most intense possible at all,in a way that perhaps we can from this love give rise to a beautiful and eternal story..Anyway,I cannot demand love from nínguem,but i'm sure i can give good reasons for you to love me,after all i have learned that i can not conquer everything q i,but maybe with time be able all that more precise,i only know of life; living,because it does not exist the instruction manual,and for more independent that we,one day when we admit that we need Someone,and as much as we have everything that we want and we want,one day when we admit that trocaríamos everything that we have to share who we are with this person and I believe that all who seek this someone,they feel this need and know how difficult it is to find.Lastly,be persistent,and when we get to the end to see how it can be rewarding and who knows may be I that someone that touch the bottom his heart!! Anyway,i think i have a story ever written,but i have a lot of blank pages... together to write, and i q the love charm and come with a certain calm, and q when you understand what is love literally a woman ,then you know honor it,to call her his...and if you...are you sure you really prepared for q this is happening and can thus take place in our lives...that enable...



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