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36 São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil
Seeking: Male 27 - 40
.I Am a body only wanting to be in all places. I Am 28. I am more than less, but never more than anyone else. I am free. I Am virginiana. I am simplifying instead of complicating. I Am mega accelerated. Am 1000 watts. I am now. I Am comedy,am suspense and adventure. Am disc at night and beach at any time. I Am leg of outside, hair washed, smooth and loose. I Am turned off and agreed. I Am, but i was born with Duracell. I am more street of that house. I am more check in the check-OCT. I am traveling. I Am north, south, east, west. I Am think ... Each one with his. I am concerned. I Am intelligent and desmemoriada. I am much more image than a thousand words. I am much more look of that talk. I am more attitude than to leave scroll. I am more salty than sweet. I am a shell with my "pearls". I Am transparent but i love colors. I am the one who calls you, dear(a). I Am intense. I am of the world ... Virtual World, real world. I am more sweet odour that floral. I smell and taste. Am spicy but i prefer the salt, more broccoli that kale flor.Sou more distillate than beer. I Am pink ... World pink!Nails pink ... Am salt water but i adore coconut. I am more read flowing than watch Tv. I am most of the ground that the air. I am walking, i love. I am correct but i am not sure ... i Live everything that i can! I am well ... Well palhaca! I Am heart, i am giving. I am standing on the floor, but i live in thinking high. I Am Sandra de Sa, Toquinho, Bay, Chico Buarque, Mouth Open, Elis, am mpb. I Am fairy godmother and fairy godmother. Am tapar, mascara containers and blush. Am maquiada and never masked. I walk in service elevator because i always work. I am more bakery round the corner of that restaurant xic. I don't know write, but i am not drawing. I Am modern and conservative. I nail square. I Am to preserve friendships, the nature, the smile, the sparkle in her eyes and optimism. I'm recycling and Ngo's. I change and rebirth. I Am independent, but a nothing without my friends. I am giving the hand over the arm. I am new. I walk, but run behind my things. I am an open book and I do not know the end of the story. I am more kiss of that embrace. I Am hurricane, i am katrina, tsunami and i am also a mild breeze. I Take photographs. I am mobile phone messages in the morning. I laugh until the belly hurt. I Am upset, hate with all the power and be able to forget everything with a smile. I travel around Brazil, Europe and the rest of the world. Am i playing with everything in relaciomento without fear of being happy or suffer. I am intensely live because life DOES NOT HAVE REPLAY! P. S: BUSCO RELATIONSHIP AND NON-SEX VIRTUAL.
47 São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil
Seeking: Male 45 - 55
I am loving friend, companion, but nothing submissive. I like to be independent and have autonomy. I am willing to invest in a relationship that is balanced where each one has its space, without stifling the other. I love sincerity and laughter loose. Nothing of happiness or feelings restrained. I am intense in everything we do, but am not crazy... just live intensely my feelings. I love studying, reading, philosophize, discuss various topics, including politics. I think but never 100% formed, always in the process of construction and deconstruction. I love honesty and respect especially with the more humble. Nothing takes my horny more than arrogance. I am a feminist, I am human, i flags of minorities, and am able d'extremes by causes that i believe. I am daring, Freddie, sweet and at the same time, serious and extremely responsible and mature. Prioritize my affections and friends. I am that friend that everybody wants to have: Ear and handkerchief, joy and collaboration, unbridled by vitoria, happiness and strength on the flop. I Am mãezona until pq, being plus size, the body pillow is already a mother. Beyond that, i love affection and care, but not dependency. I am a simple, do not use mirrors (only once in a while), i hate high heels and tight clothing, do not use strap (my tummy is free), it is clear that I am not very proud with my appearance. But I am not sloppy (depilo, do nails and hair, but nothing eyebrows drawn!!). I am Freddie, stripped, and without frills. Mato barata, not run of toad, and neither of us. I am finally happy, well resolved, plus size (without desire to make bariatric surgery or lose weight), autonomous and feminist!!!!



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