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elaine  cristina is from Brazil

elaine cristina (34)

a vida è maravilhosa Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil
Seeking: Male 25 - 50 for Marriage

Ola, I live in a city called vitoria, Espirito Santo, I am looking for a true love, I would like to have a family, with a person who can love me. I am morena size medium , long hair, taste of sport and readings and thematic .


Juliana is from Brazil

Juliana (38)

Are u smart and interesting? I´m ... Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil
Seeking: Male 26 - 42 for Marriage

I'm 33 years old from Brazil, I own the Marketing and Corporative PepsiCo's personnel Events Company and I'm the older of 4 siblings. My friends use to Say I'm smart, funny and easy going person. I have really good friends ;) Just ask me and i will be happy to answer somã moreh 31-58, if u want.


Simone is from Brazil

Simone (55)

Hi im monyvitoraes wainting to me... Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil
Seeking: Male 45 - 53 for Marriage

Im brazilian woman, that want it to you know an other countries man. I' m to woman who believes that happiness and pleasure plows the good things of the life and they must be carried by both. I' m romantic, shy sometimes, sensible, 'loving, sincere, likeable, pretty inside and outside. I would like it to you meet somebody with who I can share of my dreams and my reality, to man it to you enjoy intensely of each precious moment that the life provides them. I give value it to you the sincerity, honesty, truth and the force of to true feeling, I believe that nothing happen if they has it to you in our life, and the we can not eats back behind and make to new start, we can begin to new one now and make to wonderful end. monyvitoiraes to hotte I' m only interested in men who plows not into fall playing or manipulation.


maria is from Brazil

maria (59)

verdadeira........ Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil
Seeking: Male 47 - 59 for Marriage

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: height:163 cm weight: 63 kgf dummy: 42 footwear: number 35 green eyes blond hair and short ring ring - 17 complexion - alva, however with some freckles on his shoulders and neck. FEATURES PSICOLÓGICAS AH! Here is difficult to speak, but I can assure you that I am good people, as well. Well, roughly i recognize as a selfless person, very humorous, loyal and faithful to my principles, and these ethical, moral and Christian. A devout love exhausted the family, very good listener, companion, solidarity, emotive, bringing up her child. In work extremely ethical, responsible and dedicated. Amiable and cuts with all that surround me. I love dancing, give good laugh, travel without destination, contemplating the sea, the sun, the moon, the stars. In a few words could so i define: altruistic birthmark, solidarity by vocation, true by conviction and gozadora by occasion PREFERENCES GASTRONÔMICAS: cappuccino with chantilly cream and cheese bread, moqueca capixaba capixaba pie banana, apple, beans-rice-fried egg, macaroni the carbonara, hot chocolate, eggplant breaded, jilo, shrimp any way, pizzas, qquer burg tb and very good ... to tell you the truth i like everything ... ah! And cake of rain in rainy day with a good movie or a game of canastra ... BEST EVENT IN THE LIFE :maternity WORST EVENT IN THE LIFE: the loss of my mother MY IDOL: Jesus Christ A MAN: my father A nostalgia: my childhood DREAM: see my sons formed, successful and happy. Room with Shared Bath to life the staff do not have more ( I think that I have had everything that i could Room with Shared Bath and those not made,are part of the past and we have no more time to implement them, because this, inexorably prevents me from doing so), now I want to just be happy, and live the life ... A DECEPÇÃO: the father of my children A LEMBRANÇA: the dances of youth A CONDUCTING: the success of my children, as also the love, the love, the good character of them ... ( my pride) A BAIT: believe that the people are sincere, genuine and fair as i ... A BIG mistake: my wedding A GREAT MEETING: my family gathered together THE BEST COMPANY: my same THE GREAT FRIEND OF ALL THE HOURS: Jesus Christ MY LARGEST AMBIÇÃO: Health, PEACE and Social Justice (equality, liberty, fraternity) MY APPLAUSE: the well educated, supportive, intelligent, humble, batalhadores, intact MY CONTEMPT: the addicted, hypocritical, arrogant, envious, evil funny, rude, arrogant, corrupt, scoundrels, dishonest, violent, pedophiles, opportunistic ... A SENTENCE : "do not do to others what you do not want for himself" A BOOK: talk about a book that would have necessarily quote to the Holy Bible, then I'm going to allow quote some more that are part of my collection classic: THE Magical Mountain, the Little Prince, the battle of Alshuwitz, the kite, THE day that Nietzsche wept, One Hundred Years of Solitude, to the unknown God, the wolf of the steppe, ah. there are so many ... and even without mentioning those who are part of the acquis communautaire of universal literature, as also the great philosophers: Gramsci, Kant, Jean Paul Sartre, Russeau, Kierkergard, Heguel etc. ..... A MOVIE The postman and the poet,Society of Dead Poets and all those that they somehow manage to excite me, delight or laughing loud ... A PLACE: my house A PERFUME ( which i use) eternity THE BEST PERFUME: the man loved FLOWERS FAVORITE PLAYS: red roses and orchids A BIRD: colibri AN ANIMAL: horse A COLOR: white - because she brings the presence of all colors, I am a person multicolor A NATURAL PHENOMENON: the rainbow A STAR: The Sun A SOURCE OF INSPIRATION: the moon A FRIEND TO THE SAD moments: the sea and all its magic that exerts on me ... A CALL FOR INTROSPECÇÃO AND NOSTALGIA: the sunset, specially packaged to the sound of of Ravel's Bolero, on the shore of the alligator, in João Pessoa - (beautiful demais) ... A Crazy ADVENTURE : Visit to the Beach of nude, in Tambaba - John Person A TRIP UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE: when I travelled to the South of the Country, accompanied by my sons, where we had the opportunity of visiting Beto Carrero, Serra Gaúcha ( Gramado, cinnamon, Circuit of the wine, Caxias do Sul, Foz do Iguazu, Argentina and Paraguay) A JOURNEY THAT STILL DREAM: visiting Greece, Egypt, France, England, Dubai, Australia, Switzerland .... ah ... i even give a Magellan. A PHILOSOPHER: Friedrich Nietzsche A GREAT WOMAN: Lady Di A MODEL TO BE FOLLOWED: Mother Teresa of Calcutta A sportsman: Lars Grael A POLITICAL: Paulo Hartung A CITY: Victory A DESIRE: to be grandmother THE BEST TOUR- take coffee in the mountains with my children and other relatives A DEFECT: I don't like to wake up early A MANIA: driving barefoot A afraid: darkness A phobia: claustrophobia A HOBBIE: candle light dinner A MUSIC: " I didn't know that you would love this way"- Guilherme Arantes - this i cry A COMPOSER AND SINGER : could not be otherwise, if not the King - A GREAT TEACHER: Prof. Alejandro Yague mayor - my great inspiration professional A GREAT TEACHER: Professor Maria Leopoldina Yague Mayor - my model of educator MY BEST SCHOOL: Federal Technical School of the Holy Spirit - CEFETES - today IFES A GREAT YOUR APPRECIATION: To the doctors and my ex-brother-William and Tarciana,to my brother-Durval, Mara and all those who donated their blood for the cure of John Lucas, on the occasion of his birth. A GREAT JOY: the birth of my 3 children- MY BRAND: joy SOMETHING NOT NECESSARY :- my beauty A THING REQUIRED - the peace THE BIGGEST GESTURE - solidarity THE GREATEST PROOF OF LOVE - pardon THE GREATEST VIRTUE - humility THE BEST WAY OF TEACHING: the example of the worst FEELINGS: the hatred OF THE GREAT MOTHER OF DISCÓRDIA: the lies, THE GREATER HUMAN DESGRAÇA: treason TO THE GREATER SOCIAL RESULT: the hunger THE MOST NOBLE OF ALL FEELINGS: LOVE A PERSON WORTH KNOWING : MARIA TEREZINHA . ENTRINGER - very happy ... and thank you for your patience in reading my profile ... I am ... I am the books that I read, the places that I know, the people that I love. I am the prayers that I do, the letters I receive, the dreams that i have. I am the disappointments that i spent, the people who have lost, the difficulties that I haven't recovered. I am the things that I discovered the lessons I have learned, the friends that i met. ... I am the pieces of me that led, pieces of some that remained, the memories that i carry. I am the colors that i like, the perfumes that use, the songs that I hear. I am the kisses that i gave, I am what I made and what i chose. I am every smile that open, each tear that fell, each time i menti. I am each one of my mistakes, each forgiveness which he could not give, each word that kept quiet. I am each conquest reached, each emotion controlled, each snare that i created. I am each promise kept, each slur suffered, the indifference that has formed. I am the arm that few times twisting away, the hand that many other if stretched out, the mouth that not refrained. I am the memories that I have, the objectives that trace, the changes that bear. I am the childhood i had, I am the faith i depress and the destiny that reinventei. I am ... I am the books that I read, the places that I know, the people that I love. I am the prayers that I do, the letters I receive, the dreams that i have. I am the disappointments that i spent, the people who have lost, the difficulties that I haven't recovered. I am the things that I discovered the lessons I have learned, the friends that i met. ... I am the pieces of me that led, pieces of some that remained, the memories that i carry. I am the colors that i like, the perfumes that use, the songs that I hear. I am the kisses that i gave, I am what I made and what i chose. I am every smile that open, each tear that fell, each time i menti. I am each one of my mistakes, each forgiveness which he could not give, each word that kept quiet. I am each conquest reached, each emotion controlled, each snare that i created. I am each promise kept, each slur suffered, the indifference that has formed. I am the arm that few times twisting away, the hand that many other if stretched out, the mouth that not refrained. I am the memories that I have, the objectives that trace, the changes that bear. I am the childhood i had, I am the faith i depress and the destiny that reinventei. Thus am i described from the psychological point of view Self esteem as a man of self-esteem moderate, do you usually feel good around other people. In particular, most appreciates the company of his friends but he likes to meet new people. Their relaxed attitude in groups makes the other feel comfortable also. Perhaps because you feel at ease speaking about himself, the others end up feeling more close and the(a) consider a person quite friendly. His confidence reflects on his personal beliefs about yourself. Although I know its strengths, it recognizes and accepts its weaknesses. However, some times repents of things which he did or said in the past and occasionally is ashamed(a) on this. The professional side, do you have expectations moderate to high in his performances. His performance in the workplace are the reflection of this. Friends and colleagues tend see you as someone with whom they can count. Family Connection as a person with strong family link, you value the group family members and domestic life. If you already have son(s), you like to spend the time with him(a) (s) and strives to be a(the) good father/mother. If you do not have children, you want to quite have a in the future. AND their preference for cook and entertain guests and a transition to this environment family. You is proud to maintain and cultivate the family health and works hard to make that happen. This natural tendency and easily illustrated by your preferences to make things more homemade than to go to the club and restaurants. What the(a) The differentiation of people with weak family link and that you know how to manage their frustrations and works as well alone. This means that you have everything to manage a family without leave work disrupting. However, as someone with strong family values, the tasks of the day to day how to store the box and keep the kitchen ""full"" can occasionally makes it(a) to finalize everything you need to do. Self control factor self control displays the way that the person acts and acts. Have little self control can be positive and negative. Some people tend to follow their instincts and getting carried away by some temptations, you and the style of person that does so with frequency. It may be good in circumstances where be quiet and have open mind are important. However, in situations where you must be focused and be careful, you might can act or say something inappropriate. As someone who exercises little control over their actions, you end up committing some mistakes social actions that may offend other people and create problems for you. For example, if you are responsible for working on a project which requires great attention to detail, you can forget important points due to its difficulty to remain focused. Consequently, you feel more comfortable delegating tasks to other people who are more supervisor that you. Be able to recognize these characteristics in himself and have people more supervisor to do such tasks can be an effective way to manage your own stress level. Low self control can decrease their effectiveness at work. Acting in a very relaxed can makes it(a) focus on projects that require sequences organized step by step or steps. Thus, their ability to perform can be inconsistent. In fact, it is possible that you can be criticized(a) periodically for being unreliable or ""not following the stripe"". Despite all this, you have moments of joy and you will never be seen as someone dull. Opening Social as someone with a low level of open social, you have your feet on the ground and prefers the facts with fiction. It is more or less so, you not only appreciates the art because you think that the analyzes are not clear and has no practical purpose. You probably will not be considered a person very emotional because it tends to focus more on goals and concrete goals and finds that there is not a real reason to worry about something that does not change anything. Prefers to think and talk about practical issues, which have an exact answer and may be made of that be dreaming and analyzing issues and abstract conceptualization of ideas. You use the logical thought and methodology in the majority of things. Why do you prefer working with projects and activities that have instructions and goals; you may find it difficult or not see a purpose working on projects that require creativity. This inclination may have advantages and disadvantages. For example, when there are clear rules on how to solve a particular problem, your ability to follow instructions makes it complete the task easily and overcome. On the other hand, feels frustrated and oppressed in projects that do not have clear solutions. Tolerance Tolerance refers to the ability to relax. Based on your points, you seems to be a person that ""doing things as they appear"" and likes to take advantage of the moments. However be very tolerant can lead you to the stress in several ways. For example, you may have difficulty in performing tasks detailed and efficient manner, which not only affects his life, but also in the life of the people who are around her. Another potential problem to be very tolerant and the fact that although rewarding short-term, can generate long-term undesirable consequences. Too much tolerance, even when not seriously destructive, it can also reduce your effectiveness at work, for example. You can find aversive and difficult endeavor exaggeratedly sometimes that is necessary to achieve certain tasks. For this reason, your colleagues can see him(a) as forgotten(a) and without focus. How your personality affects your love life? Their social competence and charm makes it easy for you to give as well with the majority of the people. In truth, and their self confidence that makes people feel- if comfortable around him, without the feeling of insecurity or vulnerability. This gives you a great advantage in loving side. Social skills help you always make the first encounter something pleasurable to get relieve the nervousness of your pair ( when it happens). Over time, you tend impose their realistic patterns in the relationship, but because they are realistic, its pair ends up not feeling too much pressure to be someone he is not. By presenting strong family link, you will probably be the best with people who share the same values and beliefs. You shows maintain strong links with members of their immediate family and distant. For this reason, it is perhaps more satisfactory you maintain a relationship with someone who also appreciates the way of life more homely. Being in a relationship with someone that likes to go out for parties and stay until the wee hours by night is perhaps fun initially; but it is expected that you find this tiring over time. Then, perhaps it is easier and more satisfying for you build a long-term relationship with a person who also likes to stay a while in the house and who wants to build a family. In the first meetings, you could suggest to your pair that they spend a quiet evening dinning in one of their homes instead of going out to a restaurant or for a ½eaus. As someone who is more relaxed(a) that the majority, you will have no problems in giving as well with someone. So your friends and colleagues see you as a person lived, fun and humorous way. When it comes to romance, very likely that you will be attracted(a) by the majority of people. However, their nature of free spirit you can make the relationship with a person more rigid that you are a little difficult because you may find that the person is being too firm and controller. When you enter in the subject loving relationship its conventional side makes you tolerate people with different beliefs from their. Despite these persons show fun in a first meeting, so they start to talk about serious subjects, you may think them heterodox, disturbing and even offensive. Therefore it will be more satisfactory to you a relationship with people more traditional who have their feet on the ground. Edit basic information Date of birth 13 January Female interest me men Status of relationship Maiden Religion God as my creator and Jesus Christ as my Savior political preference Capitalism WITH SOCIAL JUSTICE - THIRD track Edit favorite Quotes "NOT FAÇAS TO OTHERS WHAT Q DOES NOT WANT FOR YOU" " THE WORK WELL DONE EH THE HIGHEST TESTIMONY OF OUR CARÁTER" ... " What is essential is invisible to the eyes" (A. S. Exupéry)

drica is from Brazil

drica (27)

Apenas eu ! Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil
Seeking: Male 23 - 26 for Marriage

"She is pretty in her normal skill of be Brunette Root, natural, sensual, barely without want Woman-Girl way, does not have freshness northeastern Flower of the love, of the color of the Dark sweetness Root, girl, true woman. ..” "The persons has the straight one of do not like my miim, but sometimes like to the extent that lead a little of miim with them. My love I guard for the persons that really deserves. Do not I follow all the rules because itself does not finish losing the fun and sometimes hajo by impulse I am sincere and the persons is going to find that as a defect of opinion more nao of principles! My fate I am I that I do to each minute lived to each word that I speak and to each action that I practice! I live of the present, I think of the past and I plan my future!


Karina is from Brazil

Karina (29)

Rock, animes, motos e games Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil
Seeking: Male 26 - 39 for Marriage

I am a quiet person, I like to make new friends. I spend more time at home. I watch many series, especially Sons of Anarchy and CSI. I play some games, I skate, and I ride a motorcycle. I love Rock n'Roll and I listen every day. Thanks for accessing my profile :)  


Claudia is from Brazil

Claudia (44)

Quero o amor da minha vida! Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil
Seeking: Male 30 - 46 for Marriage

In the first place I am a woman temente to God, for myself everything oque I conquered and everything that still this by come this in the dependencia complete of God. I am of well with the life, a lot happy, carried out professionally, independent, coy, loving, extroverted, romantic, espiritualizada, calm, tranquila, loving and sensivel.


LEONICE DA is from Brazil


A PROCURA DE UM AMOR Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil
Seeking: Male 41 - 56 for Marriage

I am strong. Sweet and medium acid. Some days I think that I am weak. AND boba. I need a place where poking your face to hide the tears. Then I think that I am not as strong as well and I am starting to look at me. I am strong, but crying. I am everyone. I am human. I am clever. I am as well. I want things to happen now, just once. I want my errors do not prevent me to continue looking forward. AND I want to continue stumbling, because it never will be perfect (still as well! ). Nor do I wish to be common and normal. I would simply be i. I want to laugh, laugh and cry. Feel friozinho belly, node in the chest, trembled in the legs. Feel that things work and that I have to change way when I insist on something that does not produce results. I want to learn and is still child. Stay in the sun and feel the cold wind on the nose. I smell of cut grass and coffee past. Smell of rain, flower, the smell of life. I appreciate the simple things and I want to keep going what seems complicated. If der pra resolve, let's go! If it does not, get over it. The life is not complicated nor difficult, it all depends on how we view and if necessary. I want to be me, with my sour face and absurdly sugary. I do not know everything and not be rational. I want to continue keeping my brain in the place where he is: my heart. AND this is the best part of me.


Agna is from Brazil

Agna (28)

Quero ser feliz com alguem especi... Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil
Seeking: Male 24 - 35 for Marriage

Sou uma estudante de psicologia e gosto de ouvir as pessoas,acho que na vida todos precisam de dar e receber atencao. Sou muito ativa,gosto de caminhar na praia,sentir o vento e o cheiro do mar,isso me dá uma tranquilidade muito grande. Eu estudo pela manha e trabalho a tarde em uma loja. Nao estou buscando aventuras entao,por favor respeite minha opiniao.


marcia is from Brazil

marcia (50)

Hi.. Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil
Seeking: Male 39 - 52 for Marriage

Mulher de valor, feliz diante da felicidade dos meus.Espirituosa mas acredito no limite dos direitos individuais. Não gosto de auto biografias, porque nem sempre são espelhos da visão que os outros tem de si. No entando penso que devemos ser quem somos e receber da vida tudo que merecemos.


Hosana is from Brazil

Hosana (25)

Viver um dia de cada vez! Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil
Seeking: Male 19 - 40 for Marriage

I love to meet new people, I always like to be with people around me. I AM ARIANA AND MY SIGN SAYS A LITTLE AS I AM: The symbol of Aries is the ram. Represents the impulsivity, initiative, action, urgency, courage, selfishness, immediacy. Aries is the fight against the use of force and of the initiative, the search for self-affirmation. The motivation ariana directs to decisive action, "breaking" the obstacles. Sign of spontaneity in reactions that are immediate. Aries first acts, to then reflect. Characteristics: independence, action, courage, pioneering spirit, leadership, honesty, self-affirmation, physical strength, aggressiveness, stubbornness, authoritarianism, selfishness, fast disinterest. Sign sighted, with difficulty in persistence, and may change goals often. There is a trend in aries to seek a cause for which to commit their fight and energy.


naninha is from Brazil

naninha (34)

Hi.. Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil
Seeking: Male 25 - 43 for Marriage

I can have defects, live anxious and stayed irritated sometimes, but do not I forget of that my life is to bigger company of the world. And that I can avoid that she goes to the bankruptcy. It be happy is going to recognize that is worth hardly live, despite of all of the challenges, incomprehensions and periods of crisis. It be happy is going to leave of be victim of the problems and become an author of the own history. It is going to travel through deserts outside of itself, but be capable of find an oasis in the secluded one of its soul. It is going to thank God to each morning by the miracle of the life. It be happy is not going to have fear of the own feelings. It is know speak of itself even. It is going to have boldness for hear a not. Is going to have security for receive a criticism, even though unjust.

kemilli30bra is from Brazil

kemilli30bra (41)

solteira e de bom carater Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil
Seeking: Male 31 - 47 for Marriage

It like to know persons with similar beginnings to mine, that are going to be sincere, barely that, everything the more with sincerity can be built, friendship, love, marriage, romance, or any another kind of relation


Kátia is from Brazil

Kátia (48)

Construir e firmar-se no alicerce... Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil
Seeking: Male 35 - 60 for Marriage

Authenticity is my motto, I appreciate a person of character, i love God above all, dedication and perseverance guide me for the direction that leads me to you. If you want something serious to contact me, because of the importance of a commitment to respect always leads to love in all circumstances. I like to read, running, cooking, walking, listening to music, physical activities, draw, paint, be...I am what I am trying to update, change, improve, finally grow inside and outside.

Pietra is from Brazil

Pietra (41)

" Estou aqui.........." Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil
Seeking: Male 40 - 55 for Marriage

Do not I find adventures. I am loving, romantica, cheerful, studious, independent financially and I want a grave relationship, with independent man financially, upper level, carinhososo, good character and that be capable of do insanities by and/or by the love.


AMe is from Brazil

AMe (22)

Only for build a family. Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil
Seeking: Male 25 - 50 for Marriage

I am a simple person, who despite their age want to build something serious. I had a long relationship, and I am single at 01 years ... That is, ever met the "single life" and it is not attractive to me. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) I have simple dreams like having a home, husband and children. normal things that today seems wrong to want. People say I'm too young, and I need only focus on studies. I agree, but I'd rather focus on my dreams. Sometimes you live to study, work and forget the rest ... But maybe you do not have a future to do what you dream, your days may end tomorrow. I study at the Federal University in my state, I have a job I love, an amazing family and great friends. DO NOT MAKE ME LOSE TIME. I do not seek futile things and adventures meaningless.

Maria  is from Brazil

Maria (54)

I prefer to say that we are a con... Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil
Seeking: Male 46 - 59 for Marriage

I am the person working with the good of all those who need me in the place that few like to work, but the love of care prevail and overcome all difficulties, sleep and adão me an incredible happiness that overcomes everything that might come in future may hinder miinha life. I NURSE WITH MUCH pride.

Ana is from Brazil

Ana (44)

independência e doçura Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil
Seeking: Male 36 - 50 for Marriage

Complex, confusing, woman ... kkk! I am cheerful, I like to eat, dance and have the laughter loose. Curious and passionate. Crying at the end of film romantic, because I â with the rainbow after the rain, because the night was beautiful. I Face injustices, I know speak loud and upset. In short, I am ordinary, common, daily. AND I love it!

capricorniana is from Brazil

capricorniana (64)

em busca da alma gemea Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil
Seeking: Male 54 - 59 for Marriage

I am loving, honest, truculent, I fight by that that persistent I am of give up, I go the fight even. I am formed in right, but not exerso, I did when was very new for please my father. But today that I am independent, I am I do what myself please. I have the tecnico of massoterapia, work in this profissao ha more of 10 years, I worship and I carried out myself in this profissao, she and very gratifdicante, I am going to be very good in what do I do, because work with love. I specialize myself each day more, I do courses, I go for congress, I am indicated keeps for the medicos, work in recuperaçao of elderly persons. I am studying education fisica in the university and already I am in the 3° periodo. I live alone, but I am always joint of my family that leave marvelous persons and that I love a lot and I concern myself very with everybody, I am of big family and of average class, I am a cheerful, very happy person. I have defect, nao I am perfect, but who nao is. I am of good family, I have a good one indole, of good educaçao. a lot romantica and passionate. I seek my soul gemea, I know that this somewhere of this world. Already I had some mistake, but nao I give up, I am persistent, I am going to continue finding until find. If quizer know more about me come in in contact.


Isa Maria is from Brazil

Isa Maria (74)

sou alguém, que procura, a, ser f... Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil
Seeking: Male 51 - 72 for Marriage

I am honest taste of beach, stroll, music, generalized romantic, I am not vices, when bebo, a little, a good wine, dry red wine,, I hate cigarettes, i physical activities , amo love, of all forms, married and have children a twin, which, I live with him, ., which only wants more see my happiness, I am not genius, am of peace, I believe, that a relationship, to... give certain, has that, there is love, confidence, complicity, affection, etc....I am a Catholic, more, respect, all religions , perfection, is rare, more always try , do the best, to live in harmony ,am very, romãntica, and I believe that, Love, always in the first place, I am docile, loving, is by ai......

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