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32 Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil
Seeking: Male 20 - 30
&Nbsp; never I obtained to speak of myself same, perhaps be somewhat impossible obtain defined, say who you are... I am not explicit, I speak of my life for few, and pride myself of be like this, because is not everybody that are dependable the enough one for I heard him, but exist those persons that know to understand what do you feel, and know guard those feelings that count-you as to a times ace learning. Good, I am it place in this moment with the intention of try at least express myself upon saying who I am, at least a base.Sou very independent, and I am going to feel me prey to something, that control me. I try to the maximum one be a lady of the my wills, I do correctly what will lead to myself the tile, ace times works, other times not. I worship the adrenaline and everything what will do the heart beat more quick and the pressure in the stomach. I am a lot pacifies but I irritate myself easily, I Worship the stability, but I am super changeable, I Travel with frequency, for interior places (I am dreamer too, I create mine own world interiorly, neither everybody obtain understands him) I Leave the persons will approach, but few obtain that truthfully, taste of everything to the extreme, I deliver me extremely to my philosophy, or taste or do not I like and final point! I have aversion to the superficial and false people, dissembled everybody we are, but with moderation it good arrangement atrai-me as magnet…and everything what leave myself with a smile us lips. I am a sincere and very direct person. If you will ask me what do I think of something, I am going to do that even. I am very stubborn, and rarely I give up of something. I am impulsive in the words, but I think too in the my actions. I am demanding, and always is not easy myself me many flat and dreams it fix. ..sou very objective, I know very well who I am and where liked to arrive! Today I know that everything is uncertain and nothing than you can do or have is so definite as you think or you want. I have a huge facility of accept the new one, perhaps by hate the routine, and the monotony. I like of everything what is different. The banal one never attracted me. Do not I become passionate myself easily but when I become passionate is me aserio.like of look… digress and dream... lose the notion of the time and depart- me of the concrete! Do not I like of myself lost. I like of the comfort! I like of the agitation and of him MYSELF silence absolute. I like of sorrisos, gestures and sincere words! Do not I like when itself lives seized to past… but I like of fly for the memories! I like of the elegance of the small gestures.
35 Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil
Seeking: Male 25 - 35



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