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56 São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil
Seeking: Male 48 - 58
Religion: Christian - Other
A bit of me... I am divorced a few years ago, I have three grown children and 02 pets cute... I am a psychologist and enterprising and currently work with management of people and careers. I really like working with people and management. Professionally, I am focused, methodical and compromised. Physically i am morena. mignon, attractive and cultivation saudaveis habits of nutrition and physical activity, but I am not obsessed by the fitness lifestyle. In spite of vain and careful with health, I appreciate more the contents internal to external. I like to balance and lonely. I describe myself as an intelligent woman, mature, educated, sophisticated taste and simple habits. I prefer more homely and quiet and family programs, but also love challenges and new learnings. I am affective, companion, aggregator, humorous and love to receive friends, traveling, know places and new people. Taste of nature, good music, cinema, animals, children and persons of high astral, polite, courteous and cultured. I believe in God and in the family. On the other hand, not short ballads, noise, superficial relationships, ideological patrols barges, as well as radical adventures and without purpose. I want to meet a special person, that can add meaning to my life and vice versa. But everything must start with a great friendship, because they do not believe in magic and love at first sight, but in investment and construction of a mature relationship and solid. Shoulder that i am not available for adventures. This am i...pleasure in.know him!
53 Lages, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Seeking: Male 42 - 56
Religion: Christian - Other
I am creative in everything, because we need to be creative in our process of evolution. I seek solutions, wishes to be able to test hypotheses and finally know the outcome. Be creative is to manipulate the external to produce an unusual event for us or for our environment. My decency this in my values, in my character, in the way I am friend and I never i transform into an enemy. I think that I have come to realize the great moments, and when I go I will leave my Legate my intelligence in the form of maximum expression that are the words and as I do to help those who need to listen to them. I am transparent because I have nothing to hide, we should not have nothing to hide, but by more that the waters are transparent hide atolls, their food, but never cease to be transparent. I am versatile because I am a person that performance various activities are so different that they and as pleases me perform them and know that I am doing in favor of many and myself. Temperamental sometimes, but who is not in this world where everything is moving. Already lost too much, but I won rewards. Already I broke the guy, but I re my work. Already I wept for everything, but smiling by many. Already suffered, but I have learned that suffering is part. Never say i love you too much because everything that is other vira spare, and leftover spoils and everything that spoils if throws out...if loses... Never say i love you too because we have always that love in the right mix, which is very overflows, fills, goes beyond and suffocating. I love in the right measure, love as the other loves me, I love without expecting anything in return only love... I am strong, mourning for what they dream and when i am always agreement there, at the top. I know thank, I know I am humble to forgive, point to ask forgiveness. I am flexible without being permissive, because my freedom ends when the of another begins. I am lover, am a friend, I am faithful, I am gracious and terna, romantic to the extreme, but never to the point of losing me in the clouds. Only me I kneel before the Creator, only climb down the leap to ride on the beach, only believe what I see. And as I said "we are not only Freud what we believe to be. We are more; we are also, what we remember and what we forget; we are the álavras we exchanged, mistake q we commit, the impetus to that we have surrendered, "without wanting to".
43 Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Seeking: Male 44 - 55
Religion: Christian - Other
32 Petrolina, Pernambuco, Brazil
Seeking: Male 30 - 42
Religion: Christian - Other
Vejo-me aqui com muito grave e estou a olhar para um homem grave, educado, afectato e gentleman. I love cook a little. Stay relax at home with family is amazing for me! Enjoy a barbecue with friends, drink some wine... going to the beach. I also love it! I love listening to the music when I’clean my house, and having a shower. I love the location and the staff. Gostaria de continuar a harmonious and clean environment, para que o que me love a ser existe. Sometimes I am overrated with the cleaning. Gostaria de trabar, mem novas pessoas, diferentes culturas e países. I like photography. I like to walk, I love nature and parks, think that a walk in the fresh air is a great time for spending! Outdoor activities with lots of nature and colors is amazing! Gostaria de ter cuidado do meu corpo, soul e minha. I enjoy cycling, running and workout. O desporto foi sempre um importante que, na minha vida, é o manter mudado do que EU foi no passado por que estou a fazer neste momento, e é por isso que apoiá uma mudar de atitude que reflectir em todos os aspectos da sua vida, “é apenas para desemporar uma” boa, mas para a melhor e bem-estar. When I was young, I was told I could not love someone until I love myself, and that is right for me. ’tenho muito respeito, desde, romanticamente e lutada em matéria de mulher, mas’perfeitamente, a perfection me existentes na grande da Vinci é o master piecas como a Mona Lisa. Estou um perísto optimista. Considero-me como uma minha aberta individuais para as perspectiva para progressos em organismo e espírito. Tenho do meu ver comentários do outro parte do mundo, considero-me um citizen desta capable mundial de viver, tolerar e desde um pessoa que’um cultura diferente mas que possamos partilhar similar valores famílios. Sempre como é positivo sobre tudo. Faith defines me all the time! Estou o perísto que nos impossível, e mesmo no inatentável, porque o meu espero é sobreve! Há um phrase que colocou a minha vida e é isto: “por que se falou por vossos problemas, para os vossos dreams.” , desde que vi a primeira vez, o meio da minha vida alterou para a melhor.



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