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52 Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Seeking: Male 38 - 53
Occupation: Travel / Hospitality
I love: - above all, culture. Not merely academic, but the general culture, which can speak of an interesting topic, that's a clever joke and scroll down to laugh joke boba also ... - People beautiful, ugly, high, low, thin, fat, juicy ... dainty to embrace, kiss, pour in the neck and caress their hair. But that is a person of truth.. Not all the stereotypes of today ... - Who likes simple things, but learn enjoy the sophisticated right on time. Summing up: - futile & useless - people who are fighting and safety from him that puffeth at him all the time! - Who like the bonzinhas, but love the periguetes. - Pecoas intiligentis that acacina language purtugueza, ne nor? I am not picky, just stay indoors while people have a distorted view of themselves ... (Of the type, "I Am beautiful, tasty and intelligent. Modesty and my greatest virtue, ..) The last thing that I am in the world and arrogant or overbearing. Also I know my physical limitations and intellectuals, before classifying the other. I think that we should seek someone with some virtues, because whenever I go out with someone, I think that this may be the man of my life ... Even that does not pass the first meeting. If not so, it is not worth ... But in the end, only i wish the whole world either on the bottom: Take the hand of someone, watch a movie, drink something (something does not mean alcohol - rs), give good laugh, swap affection and ... and the next day does not see the hour of power talk to him again, simple as that ... I? Well, I offer at least what I am asking ...
31 Pôrto Seguro, Bahia, Brazil
Seeking: Male 23 - 30
Occupation: Travel / Hospitality
The idiocy is vital for the happiness.people barge that that want to be grave, deep and visceral always. Putz! The life already is a chaos, by that we will do of her, in addition, a treaty? It leaves the seriousness for the hours in that she is inevitable: deaths, detachments, pains and related.No everyday life, by the love of God, be idiot! Laughed at the own defects. And whose finds defects in you. It ignores what the rude one of his leader said. Think like this: who should carry that ugly face, every day, inseparably, is he. Poor dele.everything that is more difficult is pleasanter, but... the reality already is hard; worsening will go dense.hard, dense, and well bad.joke is lawful. It understood? Forget what spoke you about be an adult, everything that of do not joke with food, do not speak stupidity, be not immature, do not cry, do not walk barefoot, do not take rain.skip! Adult are able to (and must) count jokes, stroll in the park, laugh high and lick the cover of the yoghurt.be adult is not going to lose you will please them of the life - and that is the unique one "not" really acceptable.test the theory. A little week, for begin. See and feel the things as they went what really healthy: passing. Wake up of morning and decide between two things: stayed of bad humor and transmit that ahead or smile. ..Bom even is going to have problem in the head, smile in the mouth and peace in the heart! by the way, delivered the problems in the hands of God and that such a pleasant small black coffee now it life is a play that does not permit attempt. By that sing, cries, dance and cheer intensely before the drapery is filed!
33 Guarulhos, São Paulo, Brazil
Seeking: Male 25 - 39
Occupation: Travel / Hospitality
First ... I am here to make friends, meet new people and have a chat legal!!! If it is in order to sex my beloved ... shall enter into site of prostitute,will pro puteiro will pro fifth of hell, more ñ comes bothering me please! It is not by q I like to wear a dress,I have a fto bikini that I will give pro first q appears in front of me ok!!! OR putaria per site some ... Vc can be up to the "Brad Pitt" if come to say Fuck you to me, I will answer thee something q I'm sure q n will likes it! Then I save ... n is by q has a lot d vagaba ai q n can see a great thrill boninho q I opens the legs q I am ilgualar to them, then you can m call for fresh, just fussy! or oq want to ... I even hate futility, if vc n has content my son,both makes its beauty. Ñ need, nor tou killing dog to cry. Ta lacking ??? It turns us thirty ... equal says the Faustão's kkkk is another ... Ñ advance, pull subject with a poem huge , and not tell me ,q I am the woman of his life without at least I know, that not going to waste my time reading ... " Because I know that only copies and writes to all!!! AND another if you think q ñ I will answer thee , or send msg those organizing pilgrimages are asked ok. THIS AM I,A PERSON , ALEGRE , Dynamic Q I AM TRYING to DEAL WITH EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE, EVEN Q NOT ALWAYS I GET! I LOVE MY Life ABOVE EVERYTHING! Each one has me exactly what wasn t, and each One is responsible for that wasn t, I can't stand falsehood and lies, the TRUTH can hurt, but IT IS ALWAYS more WORTHY". A simple girl q life taught me to be a woman! A woman, warrior, fighter ... Q aims to achieve all the q want, I thank God every day for having me presentiado with the best thing in my life ... "My children" That I am I ... Dreamer Whose , Happy ....... q loves his family and friends above all ... I love those q ñ love me ligth they give me foça pra forward!!!!!!! "I love the life ... " AND I thank god every day for giving me this wonderful life!!! A person q is always ready to make new friends Enter into relationships and it will break the expensive ... More always with certainty q this internment for my best!!! =)



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