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55 São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil
Seeking: Male 48 - 58
A bit of me... I am divorced a few years ago, I have three grown children and 02 pets cute... I am a psychologist and enterprising and currently work with management of people and careers. I really like working with people and management. Professionally, I am focused, methodical and compromised. Physically i am morena. mignon, attractive and cultivation saudaveis habits of nutrition and physical activity, but I am not obsessed by the fitness lifestyle. In spite of vain and careful with health, I appreciate more the contents internal to external. I like to balance and lonely. I describe myself as an intelligent woman, mature, educated, sophisticated taste and simple habits. I prefer more homely and quiet and family programs, but also love challenges and new learnings. I am affective, companion, aggregator, humorous and love to receive friends, traveling, know places and new people. Taste of nature, good music, cinema, animals, children and persons of high astral, polite, courteous and cultured. I believe in God and in the family. On the other hand, not short ballads, noise, superficial relationships, ideological patrols barges, as well as radical adventures and without purpose. I want to meet a special person, that can add meaning to my life and vice versa. But everything must start with a great friendship, because they do not believe in magic and love at first sight, but in investment and construction of a mature relationship and solid. Shoulder that i am not available for adventures. This am i...pleasure in.know him!
45 Timon, Maranhão, Brazil
Seeking: Male 33 - 46
A being of deepest feelings than I would like. A lot on the people you love. We often see yourself surrounded by people, but feel lonely. On the words of the Creator, open minded, of eternal friendships and deep. A person connected to the hear and not in touch. And above all an eternal love with stories and the lives of other people, who are great teachings to try to conduct our lives.'stumbling, misunderstandings, disappointments'. How I wanted to be perfect and skip this part boring, but I am far, far from it. Our past, our attitudes and decisions, say a lot about us, but not everything. We Fall, we err, we suffer.. But above all we have learned and changed with each lesson that life presents to us. The only truth that i have to offer is here in front of you. I am. A person who tries very hard to overcome the errors and continue to live. I'm not any a... I know live and i know that when someone like me will be at that i am not a model is futile without their own ideas and principles. I have patience and time enough to wait. I am no friend of all, not do I apply to miss sympathy, nor am I adored by unanimity. The person has the right to not liking my way, but sometimes they like so much that they feel envy. My love I keep for the most special. I am not any politically correct. Do not follow all the rules of society and sometimes do things on impulse. Error, I admit, apreendo, teaching... We all make mistakes one day: through carelessness, innocence or malice. People think. I believe, but only me. I do not know anyone so well to the point of knowing what is going on in his head. I have my limits and respect my feelings. There is no need for expensive insignificant to fill an empty space. I'm not by lack or just for fun. Don't flirt just to have someone on the side, but to be on the side of someone. I am not any dictator, open exceptions, i forgive others and myself. Everyone deserves a second chance, but never a third. I change of opinion, but not of principles. I find 10 years from now you will be able to recognize me. I am not any spectator... Am very touched me, crying, I smile. I know to distinguish right from wrong. Although sometimes the temptation to speak more loudly. I am not the devil much less God. Lastly, I am not any copy, I am only... I am not the devil much less God. Lastly, I am not any copy, I am only...
45 Caxias, Maranhão, Brazil
Seeking: Male 40 - 60
I am a woman, in all magnitude of the word! I am exactly what will I want to be! I am happy by exist in this world... Always I am going to take advantage of what do I seek of the life to the maximum one! I am contagious, of well with the life, intuitive, espiritualizada, compelling, stable, happy, accomplice, faithful! I have attitude. I am Pleasant, Intelligent, Authentic, Dynamic, Objective and Determined, beyond true and truculent. When I am a friend... I am a friend even! Finally... I find myself a blessed and Marvelous person by God and I feel very well like this. I thank for my life... I know what I am... And I need to try my value to nobody... I lull to sleep my dreams, but I am realist. I am an optimist and Enthusiastic... I know that for everything there is a good solution. I believe in the love and in the personal values of each a, independent of its social position... I love the life! The liberty! I obtained myself me "EMPRESS" of my dreams, of the my fate and defender of the MY HAPPINESS... As? Living it intensely to each emotion, to each history, without regrets! I am clear, objective and never I lose the journey even being delayed KKK... I know what do I want and I am going to seek. ..! Therefore... The marvelous one of the fantasy is to our capacity of become-her reality... I am intense... 100% girl, 100% woman, 100% everything what do I arrange myself do. ..! Despite of that, I feel a girl heart wife with the... I love, unconditionally. ..! I lose myself in embraces, laughters, kisses, poetry... Gave me to the friends easily... And when I am injured, still I give chances, but when I say that do not I want more and final point... Difficult it has a change of mind I am an authentic Sagittarian even and impulsive. I find, always concern myself more with my conscience than with my reputation... Because my conscience is what I am! Already, my reputation... It is what the others think of me. And I... I am much more I 3 times still I buy a mirror and still shot a photograph for be I same. ..! I undo myself, but, I redo me! Therefore, I have God as empire! I worship Master of Passion, my FAMILY, my FRIENDS and my VIRTUAL FRIENDS. And... Until I have penalty than itself my enemies judge... Some persons know me a little... Some persons know me a little more... Some persons find that know me... Rss... In fact neither I link, because God, he yes, really knows who I am and is that what imports myself! It has more I love me d + and until I admire to same defects, therefore without my defects that are many KKK would not be Xeila



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