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Jaina Cristina
26 Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil
Seeking: Male 19 - 28
"I am a character created by myself, in which they believed in such a way, that I am lost inside it. Showed Me strong, helped all, spoke of my problems as if they were not important. Always was willing to abandon me to hand to please or help someone. I never really considered oq i wanted the most important thing, and both believe in the other, I forgot to whom I am. I have made my life a fantasy so real, that now only 2 people actually know who I am and oq i am, and I am not one of them ... Most of my friends, qnd see me sad, crying or qnd wish to speak of my problems and be helped as well as already i helped or at least tried to help mt everybody, I am told q that I am not i, q i am strong, q the majority of people not cope with td q already i resisted ... But who said q i am supporting td this??? I am a normal adolescent ... I have problems with my family, i suffer for love not matched, I would like to be able to tell the world that I wanted to return to my former city and stay close to the woman that I wanted to q was by my side now, but I cannot pq my parents are separated and at the moment I'm next to him ... Perhaps, oq makes me different from some and q i am weak, but i was strong for so long, that me I closed my eyes for the world and my feelings, and do not know oq can happen qnd this reach the point of i do not support more ... Now I suffer to see the world in which always lived there. I wanted to find, stop lying to myself, see oq is in front of me but I do not want to see ... I would like to have the courage to look at pro my father and say: "Father, I love Thee viu?!" ... But even so I can do.. I'm losing in such a way, that it takes to find my 'cure', may not be able to be myself never more ...
34 Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil
Seeking: Male 30 - 55
31 Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil
Seeking: Male 25 - 33
40 Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil
Seeking: Male 27 - 45
I am much more than a smile or a pleasant conversation... I am not futile, basica or very less normal, as such my search is not easy nothing, already I made a lot errors and with them MYSELF learned how very, did of me that that am today! ... I know well what I want and mainly what do not I want! I lived intensely all the phases of my life, by that do not I find here cases, light relations or cybernetic friendships, barely the certain person for pass to the following phase of the life... I have a full life of good things and I am very happy by that! I am part of that group for who the alone life has felt will go "we" and not "I"... Well arranged, sensivel, positive, practical, active, honest, a lot frank and direct, healthy barely some of the adjectives that characterize me like person... Faithful, cumplice, compelling and intense as the companion... For me there is not better nothing that a program to two, a night of film in the sófa or spoil and to be spoiled... I like of be at home, give a walk in the beach, I enjoyed a night of dance. ... as different that I am ....amo internet... Unfortunately already I walk the search to some time for know that is not easy find certain person... To quimica and appeal fisica are for me fundamental factors in a relation, of the same way that show my pictures, I expect the even of the another one breaks. My objective here is clear, as such I am not interested in me correspond with persons committed, curious or barely to the search of a company. The mature love is not minor in intensity. He is barely barely silent. It is not minor in stretch. It is more defined, colorful and poeticized. Does not lack demonstrations: present with the truth of the feeling. Does not it need presences required: extensive-itself with the significant absences. The mature love is only going to live the problems of the happiness. Problems of the happiness are laborious forms of build the well and the pleasure. Problems of the unhappiness do not interest to the mature love. The mature love grows in fact and is concealed to each auto-illusion. Suffices itself with the all of the little one. It is necessary neither want nothing of the a lot one. It is related with the life and to his incompletude, by that is full in each trifle by him transformed in heaven. It is deed of comprehension, music and mystery. It is the sublime form of be adult and the adult form of be sublime and infant. The mature love does not dispute, does not charge, little question, less want to know. Fears, yes. However, does not it do of the fear, argument. Suffices itself with the own existence. Feed-itself of the present instant valued and important because redeemer of all of the misconceptions of the past. The mature love is the regeneration of each error. He is a son of the capacity of believe and continue, is the feeling that itself manteve more strong after all the threats, wars or existential floods with epidemics of jealousy. The mature love is the valorization of the best one of another and the relation with the breaks tray of each person. He lives than did not die even having stayed for afterwards. It lives than fermented creating new dimensions for old feelings, full gardens abandoned of seeds. He does not ask, has. Does not it claim, obtains. Does not it pursue, receives. Does not it require, gives. Does not ask, riddle. It exists, for do happy. Alone it fears what tires, injures or erodes.



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