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59 Islington, London (Greater), United Kingdom
Seeking: Female
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54 Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Seeking: Female 28 - 44
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I have a confident, approachable and sociable character; optimistic and energetic with an entrepreneurial and creative spirit. I love to have new experiences and challenges in life. I work hard always look to reflect, learn and grow. Openess, honesty and being real, grounded and authentic is a must in my life. I value my friendships and family and am always making time to relax, talk and be there for people I hold dear and love very much. I also value good manners; something fast disappearing in society, honesty and respect for others point of view and culture; for we are all human and deep down the same. Yes, there is a big kid inside; so do enjoy kicking back and doing daft things, nothing better than to have a good laugh at your own expense. I very much enjoy outdoor activities, always high on my list as well as playing sports and keeping fit. Cooking, dinner parties and food to bring together people is a favourite for my free time, as well as cinema, theatre, opera and ballet; also travelling on short exploring breaks to experience the magic of different cultures, food and languages. I am here for serious intentions, I seek someone who reflects my being real and authentic; someone who has courage, spirit and the desire to build a relationship beyond most people expectations. Someone who is not afraid to be truly known, along with all the vulnerability but free feeling of being alive. To finish a quote that inspires me to challenge me. "We constantly resist not only our grief, but also our wild passion, sexuality, our anger, even our exuberance and joy; repressing their free expression. Big feelings overwhelm us. They can easily upset the fragile equilibrium of our lives. We keep a lid on ourselves, til we periodically explode. We don't realise that any deep feeling, pleasurable or painful can be a wave we surf into ourselves, into love."
34 Edinburgh, Lothian, United Kingdom
Seeking: Female 19 - 33
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About me...? I am a bit unusual to be honest, not in a awkward way or anything, quite the opposite! Although I never thought of myself as a nerd, I can't deny it - I just love thinking about things: I have a very active and curious mind! At the same time I was always a complete daredevil and off gallivanting on adventures..I ran away from home when I was 18 months old to get close to the car wash down the road from our house, I was fascinated by that car wash :p. Being so pumped full of energy and running all over the place all the time, my mum channeled it into sports: lots of rugby, swimming, athletics, tennis, football, anything really.. I have always been very determined and had a strong drive to explore the unknown. All in all I was a mischievous (often got into trouble!) nerd, incredibly sporty, mad about music.. all my pocket money was spent on music cassettes and I would just sit for hours listening to them. I grew up in Dublin (for 14 years), a product of an Irish father and French mother who happens to be the strongest women I have ever encountered! I went to a French school there and would visit France at least 3 times a year. Later on we moved to the Alps in France where I spent 5 years of my life (my family still lives there today). So I really grew up with both cultures.. although I do feel more Irish than French! But essentially feel like neither at the same time, which in retrospect I think was a good thing and taught me a lot about myself and identity in general. I am an honest person with a good heart and feel bad when someone is mistreated. I am quite sensitive in ways, sensing how other people are feeling was quite natural for me. Very boyish in certain aspects yet somewhat feminine in others. I can do small talk, but would rather skip it.. I like substance, and genuineness. The idea of hurting someone is just horrible to me, and I don't like meanness. I am no saint and have my flaws, but people seem to enjoy my company a lot and feel comfortable around me. I was always lucky that way and easily made new friends when moving from place to place. I work hard and that is important to me, I want to keep on building, learning and to grow. Money is not a strong driving force for me, I have always viewed it as a by-product. I may be surprisingly open at times, and then hard to reach at other times, but some things in life have been hard to deal with and I feel I am allowing myself to open up and let people in more and more. I was always loving and had a lot to give but some things can hurt you in ways which are so deep that you don't allow yourself to feel the pain and it can take years for it to come out. But as it gradually does come to surface, you can let people back in and love again, that feels nice :). If you have read this far you have probably gathered I am not the alpha-male type and not very interested in superficial things. If you are looking for a "strong" man and a traditional style of relationship, then we're fundamentally looking for different things. PS: I shaved my hair off recently so I will upload a couple of updated pictures when I get the chance!



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