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48 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 23 - 41
48 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 19 - 47
Hell, my name is Warren, please to meet you AND SORRY BUT I CAN NOT SEE OR ANSWER YOUR EMAILS YET, I ONLY HAVE BASIC PROFILE!!!! DISCLAIMER - TO ALL THE INTERNET SCAMMERS. I WILL NOT SEND MONEY OR FINANCIAL PAPERS OR ETC, SO PLEASE DONT BOTHER. Profile under construction!!!. All my pictures are up to date and unfortunately since this is the era of internet scammers more than just a picture of a beautiful face is needed so just so we are both on the same page I will ask for a video chat before we go too much further for we both agree we need to know that we are who we say we are. If I said to you........................... If I asked you...................... If? A friend is one whom you don't see for many moons but when we meet again at sunset it is as if we never missed a sunrise together. Why don't we just start there for many say that to become lovers you must be at least some sort of friends? Living life before it ends, travel, cultures of the world, old souls, your eclectic suspicious smiles, your stolen glances, sway of your hips, flirting without words as body language never lies or hides if one just stops to look and notice and read, banter, sitting or laying where no words need spoke for there is never an uncomfortable silence as we already speak thru touch and smile and frown and shivers from fingers running down your spine which again is body language, and yes we must fight about silly things for we are passion and we are desire and we are strong and we women and man who are different of the human animal but we are equal... Life is terminal, but it does not mean to be seen in a morbid way, just means live now for time is not for ever... Ok, now about me. I keep getting asked why am here or what I am looking for, well the same thing you are. I understand that I am on an international dating site as you are. I also know many looking for a partner in life whether it be local around the corner, same country or from across the world. I also know that this involves travel to another country/continent whether we meet to find out we connect as lovers or just friends to which I know how the international prosses of me from North America would have to invite someone from another country to come here to visit. So don't be worried or shy or feel one has to tiptoe around that. It is already implied in the term International Dating. I know many countries are having hard times and I am very fortunate to live where I am. So be blunt for I wont take offence. I am of a mixed race originally from a country in Southern Africa. I travel and spend my time between Canada and Africa where I see my family. I am of a warrior culture decent and my tattoos are a reflection of that meaning. I am blunt, honest, true, respectful to name a few. Life is too serious so I am very positive and always look for that and try to be that. I still live thru my primal warrior instincts and follow the basic human animal instinctual laws of attraction the dying art of reading the body, smelling the neck, sight, sound of her breathing, lust, desire, passion, craving, longing, needing, having very passionate arguments but still madly in love that end in pure animal intense love making followed by long silent embraces to where only our heart beats are speaking, knowing the difference of just sex and making patient sensual love where I take time to pleasure you, seeing my children in her eyes, whether you want children or not and all that comes with that. For all the ladies who wonder why men will put pictures of themselves shirtless flexing their muscles, on a boat holding a fish he caught, their tattoos or next to a fancy car. This pure and simple hardwired primal instinct when simplified means "Me, me catch fish, me feed you. Me strong, good genes. Me good provider. Pick me, Pick me.". Remember lovely ladies that this is a world of peacock and feathers and our world revolves around you and how to attract you while competing with so many others. Every muscle we grow, every fight we fight, every punch we throw or every poem we scroll is all for you stunning creatures. Remember that it was not too long ago that we men would literally go to arms on the battle field, battle each other to the death just to get a chance to be noticed by you let alone chosen by you, and yes again instinct drives us to see our children in your eyes irrelevant of whether the plan is to have children or not. Just a different view on it all. I love random or spur of the moment but at same time I like a moderate structure and routine. I have traveled to several countries in several continents. I am a man who fights for what is right, I work hard, I can be serious, I cut myself I will stitch it up myself, but I am still also a naughty boy who will tease you, push your buttons with respect of course and take life one day at a time. I even have glow in the dark stars/moons/planets/etc. on my ceiling and walls. Don't be shy, say hello..... Thankyou, Be Safe, Be Happy and Always Be You...Your turn!!! More to come ----------



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