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30 São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Seeking: Female 18 - 26
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59 Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Seeking: Female
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I am a man honest, sincere, profound, worship, a little introverted, patient, caring, compassionate, loving and helpful. Sometimes i can also be wrong, be lazy, being late or confusing, complicated or undecided. And yes, sometimes i also error and speak profanity - fortunately, because everything that makes me a human being. I love animals and nature, both the mountains and the sea, and I appreciate things like traveling, meet with friends and family, watching movies and documentaries, go to art galleries and museums, or listen to music. I'm interested in arts, sciences and history. I also like to keep abreast of economic and political news. I take care of my appearance and think that I seen with good taste, always tidy and neat. I do not have any tattoo or use any piece of jewelry. I like swimming, walking and cycling. I am not muscular, but am proportionate and healthy, and not having allergies or any kind of innate or degenerative disease. Drugs are not my scene and never will be. I am mature and have an open mind, possessing many interests, but I am old fashioned about moral values, not accepting all new liberal concepts in fashion, and my opinions are not always politically correct. I appreciate the connection and interaction between people, and I believe honesty and loyalty as being fundamental in any type of relationship. I can take care of myself, but sometimes I feel alone, and I would like very much to find my other half together to form a family harmony and unity, and sharing a happy future.
66 São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Seeking: Female 36 - 50
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PLEASE, read the following CAREFULLY before writing or wanting to chat with me. I have a mixture of a European and Latin American culture. I was raised in Venezuela and have lived in Brazil for over 30 years. My schooling was all in English (I graduated from American universities) and am fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. I have been working as a business English trainer for over 15 years but presently earn VERY little and have ABSOLUTELY no means to lead a life on my own. I do not drink, smoke, or gamble. I enjoy good health but do not exercise as much as I should. My goal is to meet a woman who will be my partner, lover, best friend, and trustworthy wife. This future woman of mine will have her own profession and most importantly, she will have enough money to relocate and be able to make a living relying only on her financial means, NOT on my meager monthly earnings. She will have enough money to establish herself in São Paulo, my hometown without needing any of my financial aid. In other words, YOU MUST BE FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT and I will help pay monthly bills according to my random monthly earnings. YOU, my future wife should be the breadwinner of the house because, unfortunately, I CAN NOT, even if I wanted to, make a living on my own. REMEMBER: I am NOT interested in your money. I AM interested in you for who you are. I want YOU as a wife to be in equal standing with me: not above me and not below me. If we like each other enough and find compatibility, chemistry, and honest desire to share a lifetime together, ONLY THEN, marriage can be considered. YOU must come to meet me personally in São Paulo; I have no financial possibilities to visit you in your home town. In other words, apart from being able to pay for monthly expenses, you my future wife will need to furnish and pay the rent of an apartment or house. As for my personality, I can say that I am kind-hearted, open, family-oriented, one-woman man, 100 % loyal, truthful, conservative in life principles and totally focused on finding a woman to love and be loved and with whom to share my life. I love children but have no future plans in having any due to my present age - 64 years old. I am1,74m tall and weigh 79kg, being slim in body build. I DO NOT feel comfortable having a wife that is taller than me; ideally, her height should be anywhere between 1,60m and 1,68m tall. I would also prefer for her NOT to have children and to be anywhere between 38 to 45 years old. I do not plan on having any more children. Please, DO NOT write to me if you are younger than 30 years old or older than 50 years old; I will possibly not take an interest in you. My future wife should have her own career (or business of her own) and want to work profesionally. I am not looking for a cook, a robot, or a woman to simply obey me. I am looking for a companion with whom to exchange ideas, a tender lady who is sexually open minded and likes to have sex ONLY with me. No betrayal, no embarassing me in any way or putting me on the sidelines when being in the company of others, no playing on the side or fooling around behind my back! Lasting relationships are made of continuous and honest dialogue. Love, romanticism, sexual attraction, feeling hot for each other, and wanting to be in each other´s company are all essential in making a relationship last a lifetime. I will love you, respect you, cherish, you, take care of you, protect you, and will want to hold your hand telling you “I love you” even at an old age! I am a very easy-going man who likes to enjoy life (going to the beach, partying, dancing, or simply keeping each other´s company. IMPORTANT OBSERVATION: I am officially married but have been separated for a long time. I share a house with my official wife; but we sleep in separate beds and rooms. Since this is our house, I don´t have to pay any rent or any other expense to live in it. REMEBER: If you do not have money of your own that you are willing to invest to have me as your loyal husband, it is useless to try to establish a reltionship with me. As I stated previously, unfortunately, I do not earn enough to live on my own or pay for everything needed for an independent life. I can only help you with a little amount of money to help pay for expenses. I like Greek, American country, rock n roll music and others. My preferred food is southern European and Middle Eastern. I am of Spanish and Greek descent. I speak French (native), English (fluent), Spanish (fluent), Portuguese (fluent) and understand extremely basic Greek. I graduated from American universities in the fields of Computer Science and Business Administration. I have been working as an independent English instructor servicing individuals and companies since 2002. Should you feel that my profile description is what you need and are looking for, by all means, write me. I will clear up all of your doubts and be totally honest inanswering your questions. Please try to be objective and communicative in your letters so that we get to know each other as much as possible and to analyze if we have a good chance of being together. Letters are expensive to me and I can not afford to waste time writing letters about things that are of little importance to trying to establish a marriage relationship. This is a dating site and we are free to chat with whomever we wish until there is a 100% commitment in us as a couple.
44 São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Seeking: Female 20 - 40
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88 Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Seeking: Female 40 - 60
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I have traveled the world over in search of the spirit, the essence of existence. I have traveled across the windy Tigre Plateau of Ethiopia, to the dusty village of Axum, where oral history has it that my line of the Exum clan originated and where our name came from. I’ve sailed down the white Nile from Ethiopia to Egypt and stood at the feet of the Sphinx, gazed in awe and wonderment at the pyramids, and walked in communion through the Valley of Kings. I've listened to the whisper of spirits on the wind across the arid waste of the Gobi Desert in Inner Mongolia. I’ve climbed the terraced mountainsides of Macho Picchu in Peru and lain stoned from peyote in sweat lodges in the U.S badlands. I came to Brazil 20 years ago got caught up in it’s seductive embrace and never left spiritually. I've been a writer for more years than I care to remember, and is currently finishing my first novel. I've reached that state of grace where I now find comfort in solitude, beautiful landscapes, quiet places with quiet people, and in the stillness of my spirit. In the swirling misunderstanding of the universe I find writing the vital breath of my soul. I have always found good company in books. If you are playing games are trying to run a scam, please do not waste your time or mine by contacting me. I didn't manage to get to be 79 years by being a fool. I will respond to all messages from serious and mature ladies. I'm not looking for a sex slave, a house keeper or cook, but a genuine and sincere companion to finish this beautiful dream called life... I was born on July 19, 1932 on a back woods farm in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, U.S.A. My maternal grandfather, Alexander, for whom I am named, was of direct Ethiopian descent. My paternal grandfather who was Chinese, was from Manchuria, China. My maternal grandmother was of Tuscararo/Cherokee Native American descent. My nationality is North American, but my soul is Brasileiro. Eu tenho viajado para últimos dois anos, mas agora vivem permanentemente na comunidade da praia de Guaibim, Valença, Bahia.



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