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50 Brasília, Distrito Federal, Brazil
Seeking: Female 25 - 40
31 Brasília, Distrito Federal, Brazil
Seeking: Male 18 - 33
41 Brasília, Distrito Federal, Brazil
Seeking: Female 20 - 37
An Admirer of those who practice the truth above all else and believe to be God, the best way. Not my business values, for nothing in this world, no question is more important that the principles that charged over time. There are moments in which we choose between be educated, or real ... In these hours, i always i shall choose, be true, because, my education, DO NOT FEEL RIGHT, lie! I much prefer the stark fact that injures, but teaches, does grow and ennobles, of which the lie sanded and polished that extols more, curbs, pride and emburrece! The habit of speaking truths in the face, divides opinions, there are those who feel secure knowing there is nothing behind what has been said, however, there are also those who believe this to be my biggest defect, in that, I can only say one thing: Neither Jesus satisfied everyone, right? Unfortunately, there are people who prefer talk back, to do what right? I will not become hypocritical, only to please a minority. THE LIE IS ONE OF THE MAIN SYMPTOMS OF LACK OF NATURE! I believe me, a person with virtues and defects (such as whole mundo) ... But, above all a human being always in search of my personal development and the world that surrounded me. I am not example of nothing, but i seek consistency between my words and actions. Don't know pretend something that did not feel ... I forgive with the same ease with which i magoo, I am not a closed door the wickedness that possibly i do ... Forgiveness, in my view, is a well that we have practiced in their own benefit, if I open a door here on earth, another door opens for me in heaven. My biggest defect, and worry me too much with the other, always in the attempt to solve problems outside, I am misunderstood most of the times. I will not change because of this, the world is cruel and the people often, inhuman. But I DON'T HAVE TO BE! Reflects! At no time, never a person in a bed of death, repented and asked for forgiveness, for not having worked more, or for not having been more rich ... On the contrary, the complaints, always revolve around the unsaid words, the attention is not given, the time is not shared and the love not lived. Death, not mark time nor place, she reaches unthinkable, or as an avalanche, but almost always as misguided, it does not gives us a second chance, to "be" for someone who DOES NOT HAVE, OR DO WHAT WE DID NOT. Life on earth is temporary and the eternity and those who have learned HERE, THAT THE VALUE OF PEOPLE IS WHAT THEY BRING IN THE HEART AND NOT IN YOUR POCKET ... MATERIAL GOODS, DO NOT BUY TREASURES IN HEAVEN, nor win LOVES UNCONDITIONAL ON EARTH! THE MONEY IS ONLY GOOD WHEN IT IS INSTRUMENT OF UNION, WHEN CAUSES DIVISION, HE IS LIKE THE DEATH Q separates US FROM THE LIFE, BECAUSE IT separates YOU FROM THE OTHER, AND separates THE LAND OF HEAVEN! THE speech without action, will FALÁCIA! You born without asking, and dies without wanting to take advantage of the interval to BE EVERYONE! When one believes in God, there is no daily without miracles! Alessandro Borges



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