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55 São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Seeking: Female 30 - 40
Star sign: Capricorn
My intentions are legitimate and honored, if like me, if you don't feel the desire eminent for me, please do not contact me. I am not here to change mere phrases for the website. I am not the best and also i am the worst, am a common man, with more defects what qualities, but I know my limits, so i know what i have to work to improve, learn and even where can i get. I think we should do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, regardless of the context of trends and fads, or being politically correct. I believe that everyone should lend itself to a principle useful in life, in nature, that when we propose to do something, we must do our best. I seek the absolute, perfect is immutable. We have the right to any choice, but made this choice, the law becomes the duty by compromise. I like Classic Rock, pick up the car and exit without direction by a small town. I love the fields and mountains, lakes and the sound of flowing water. I like the romance of the city nights, its lights and its silence. This glimmer of peace and harmony, inspires me to write some poetry. I believe that the woman is what more important in the life of a man. Family, relatives you didn't choose, but find someone who is prepared to live the rest of his life at his side, Aaaah! This is very too much. And it is not easy. What has value does not come easy. I think that the differences between men and women are not to be eliminated, but respected, shared, and complemented. Women are women, and men are men, simple as that. The fact that understand and know exactly what I want, I hope you don't make me seem somewhat disk, but only someone dedicated to find the simple things in life. I do not mind being the obvious, so this is what it would be more logical to things work. I see the hope of good in the purity and innocence of children, in patience and wisdom of older ones. I believe in happy endings.
47 Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Seeking: Female 27 - 45
Star sign: Capricorn
I am not someone who die of love for me… I just need someone to live for me, who want to be near me, embracing me. Not demanding that someone loves me as I love him, I just love me, I am not importing with that intensity. I do not claim that all people who taste, likes me… Not that I do the lack that they make me, the important thing for me and know that I, at some point, I was irreplaceable… and that this moment will be unforgettable.. Only i want my sentiment is appreciated. I want to always be able to have a periodical smile in my face, even when the situation is not a very happy… AND that my smile will be able to transmit peace for those who are around me. I want to be able to close my eyes and imagine someone… and being able to have the absolute certainty that this someone also thinks of me when you close your eyes, that i lack when I'm not nearby. I wanted to make sure that despite my sacrifices and insanity, someone appreciates me by that I am, not for what I have… which I see as a human being complete, who is abusing other the good feelings that life gives you, that of value to what really matters , that and my feeling… and don't toy with him. AND that this someone ask me for that I would never change, that I never grow, for which I am always myself. I am not quarreling with the world, but if one day it happens, I have enough strength to show him that the love is there… that he is superior to hatred and resentment, and that there is no victory without humility and peace. I want to believe that even if today i fail, tomorrow will be another day, and if I do not give up on my dreams and goals, perhaps i shall receive success and I shall be fully happy. I never let my hope be shaken by pessimistic words… That hope never seems to me a "no" that everyone pretends glosses it green and considers it as "yes". I want to be able to have the freedom to say what I feel to a person, to be able to say to someone as soon as he is special and important to me, without having to worry about my third… without running the risk of injuring one or more people with that sentiment. I want to, one day, be able to tell people that nothing was in vain… that the love is there, it worth giving the friendships and the people, that life is beautiful yes, and that i always gave the best of me… and that it was worth it.
50 São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Seeking: Female 18 - 70
Star sign: Capricorn
Hi girls! You are very welcome to my romantic and lovely profile. Please, let me that i can tell you a little about myself and my intentions here: My name is Kevin. Working as a teacher in Physical Education, Personal Trainer and Massoterapeuta. I am not human children... I am a dad of some angels of moustache. I and I alone, more with much love from a small shelter for abandoned animals in the streets. I feel in my heart that my younger siblings, the animals, they also need a home that receives them with love and affection. I live only with my offspring here in the eastern region of São Paulo proxímo Shopping Aricanduva East, Subway Artur Alvim and Vila Matilde. I have always been very catholic, but professed religion espírita for more than 25 years. I am here on this site looking for a big, beautiful, tasty and wonderful love. Someone that i can love, serve, I devote all my heart, with all my feelings for my whole life. I love the sun, the sea and the beauty of life. I want someone to me smile and live. I am a man Tolkien romantic, caring, educated, sensitive, gentle, loving, cheerful, optimistic, struggling, worker, dedicated 110% to the relationship. Above all, I appreciate very much the fidelity, honesty to my girlfriend and to all the people. Attitudes that have always considered essential. I seek a serious dating, a relationship that is solid and lasting, a companion for all times. And if it is the will of My estrelinha'd marry or live disillusioned... A beautiful dream that i still very much like to accomplish. In this way, I will be able to spend my whole life filling their hands and their delicate trotters with my more gentle kisses of love and passion for my beloved wife. I love nature, the sea, the ocean, the beaches, the mountains, the fields. The plants... The rain that the irrigation, the sun that warms and gives them life. I love and i love the very animals, all without exception. For me the animals are the flowers that delight my beautiful blue planet, which we have the duty to respect and protect them. I have real fascination in dar roses, flowers, pile and chocolate of this (the Copenhagen of course!). I believe that every man should enchant all days of some form the heart and life of his beloved companion. I am very happy to stroll hand in hand, walking abraçadinho, nanar of conchinha. Sit down and talk about the beauty of life... In particular... about our future that is just getting started, making our plans, interesting to me by you, by your things, listening to what you have to say, what you most like to do, at the same time writing the most beautiful love story. I love to hear the most beautiful love songs, those that I stirred and that make you think and dream with you in my arms... The Songs of the years 60, 70 and 80 are my favorites. Movies based on real facts, documentaries and especially those romantic movies that are my favorites. I like to read, I have always been passionate about good literature, books that teach, clarify and inform me. Good... For while it is everything. If my angel girl of light have any doubt or question I have great pleasure in responding. Per hour... Pour many kisses of love in your delicate hands and let myself fall drops of affection in his heart. (the most lucky man in the world is the one who finds his true love.) (do not love people because they are beautiful, but seem beautiful tourist... Because we love them.) An affectionate look depressed feelings. Ass., Prof. Kevin.
33 São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Seeking: Female 18 - 34
Star sign: Capricorn
28 Campina Grande, Paraíba, Brazil
Seeking: Female 18 - 38
Star sign: Capricorn



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