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63 Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Seeking: Female 43 - 58
I am looking for a partner in life. I am looking for a woman who is more than just a beautiful lady. I want to meet a lady of character. Who works and supports herself. If you have children, this is OK. I am not sure if I want to have more children. I am not desparate to find someone or to get married. If our relationship is good and we decide together, this is what we want, we can be married. I have a full time job in the USA and when I retire, I am willing to relocate to any country in the world. I have traveled to Brazil before and I love this country. I have been looking for a house in Brazil and hope to find one in Brazil to buy. I own and live in an apartment on the beach in Florida, USA and have a wonderful life. My children are adults. I have 1 daughter and 1 son. My daughter has 2 boys and 1 child on the way. I am not a rich man, but I am in a better financial position that most people - I hope to find a similar lady here, but this is not a requirement. Please be honest about with your pictures and the information on your profile. I use Google Translate. If my words do not make sense, this is why. I am learning Portuguese, but it is slow since I am not in Brazil. Procuro uma mulher que seja mais do que apenas uma bela senhora. Eu quero conhecer uma senhora de caráter. Quem trabalha e se sustenta. Se você tem filhos, tudo bem. Não tenho certeza se quero ter mais filhos. Não estou desesperada para encontrar alguém ou para me casar. Se nosso relacionamento for bom e decidirmos juntos, é isso que queremos, podemos nos casar. Tenho um emprego a tempo inteiro nos EUA e quando me aposentar, estou disposto a mudar-me para qualquer país do mundo. Já viajei para o Brasil e adoro este país. Tenho procurado uma casa no Brasil e espero encontrar uma para comprar. Eu possuo e moro em um apartamento na praia na Flórida, EUA e tenho uma vida maravilhosa. Meus filhos são adultos. Tenho 1 filha e 1 filho. Minha filha tem 2 meninos e 1 filho a caminho. Não sou um homem rico, mas estou em uma situação financeira melhor que a maioria das pessoas - espero encontrar uma senhora semelhante aqui, mas isso não é um requisito. Por favor, seja honesto com suas fotos e as informações em seu perfil. Eu uso Google Tradutor. Se minhas palavras não fazem sentido, é por isso. Estou aprendendo português, mas é lento porque não estou no Brasil.
34 Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
As a Austrian Technical Project Manager and former UN soldier I'm traveling worldwide, but mainly in America. I love traveling and I love my job, because it gives me the opportunity to explore our world, to learn about other cultures and to meet a lot of interesting people. I'm pretty tough and straight forward in business, maybe because I was a soldier serving internationally before I changed to this job. At the same time I'm sensitive and humorous - which I have to hide in the job of course :D - but which makes me who I'am.. so it gives me the opportunity to better understand the people and treat them without hurting them, because you can feel there emotions... I always treat people like they treat me - hopefully with respect :-) I love photography / Traveling (national park), I love the nature (I prefer to walk, not going by taxi etc) - love ...and I prefer to share this - because only than it's really perfect and feels right.... ..By the way I'm a really animal freak :-) ... I guess that comes from sensitivity... I could spend ours in the park just following and watching the crazy little squirrels, Squirrel etc. jumping around me and trying to hide their nuts ;-) :D about the sex topic: I love passionate sex without any kind of conservativity - and as European we handle this topic is very direct and open minded ;-) :D so don't be scared if I sometimes talk veeery directly ... there are not so much social rules for that here. If both persons like to have sex - they'll have, no matter if the have a relationship or not - its just about the moment... Same rights for men and women. BUT ... I prefer to know more about a women and to spend more than just a night with here - because I'm not the type of guy who just likes sex without any kind of emotions - I prefer to have somebody i can trust and where I can therefore sometimes lay back and relax, while beeing "really" close to this person, emotionly. I guess I'm more the family guy than the one-night stand-guy, but like I said - it depends on the women so :-) Ah yes, and of course sex means for me that both persons come to the right "end" ;-) ... everything else would be just selfish :D ...but that was never a problem by now ... at least as far as I know o.O and yes, as I said - I'm from Austria, Europe. I'm not scared of showing my feelings freely and being sensitive - at the same time to everybody else outside the boy/girl relationship and friends I'm pretty though and direct, more like a defender...as I was a soldier in the special forces, I am always careful... I'm not a "macho"... I try to treat women with respect even if it doesn't work out in a relationship etc. I don't like read / cheating.... or man who treat women like shit and maybe for you most important - I absolutly can't dance... well I guess maybe if you hit me with a electro shocker in my balls ;-) ... but it wouldn't look ... O.o ok, enough boring writing from my side...I guess you already slept away during reading this ... ... anyway I hope to find out more about you so :-) P.S. I'm traveling a lot for business - so it's possible I cannot answer some times. Still I'm happy if you contact me :-) I will try to answer you as soon as possible
41 Rio Claro, São Paulo, Brazil
Seeking: Female 18 - 45
I am committed to everything and whom I like. I have a young and open attitude to life and maturity in my relationships. I have strong personality, but about people. I love to learn and have new experiences. I am romantic (not drooling, with soft conversation, I am realistic) and sincere (it is, I have this defect :) ). If i cannot be honest with one person, it's not worth it. I like to pamper and be pampered, I appreciate the companionship. I am very attentive with whom I like, I am unable to divide the attention with other people. I am a humorous, but I am not the type clown. I have no previous traumas because I live the moment. Already suffered by love and obviously like that do not happen again, but I will not concretar my heart to protect me. I tend to be a person easy and if you have something you don't like, talk to me, I am flexible, up to a certain point. I have characteristics of a person relatively thin, but nothing excessive. I Am branquinho and does not taste too, despite liking beach. My eyes are basically green, but sometimes seem to blue. Aparento have some years less. I have a health of iron! I am booked but have recent pictures and i think you will like it. Can I send by Skyp or by mail from Googl. You are smart, you know how to find me. I love music, movies and anything that awakens good feelings. I love traveling, gastronomy. In fact i like almost anything if the company is worth. I always keep very informed, i like to learn, improve, taste of my profession and i am looking for things that i still don't know that make me happy. I presents? I have varied interests, then i am not a fanatic for nothing. I always keep very informed, i like to learn, improve, taste of my profession and i am looking for things that i still don't know that make me happy. I presents? I have varied interests, then i am not a fanatic for nothing, just like quite a few things. I do not seem to be right, I am not. I have flaws. But none of character. If you're looking for something without compromise, we can still talk. If you are looking for something more, I hope to start a frank, open, mature, without games, without hiding anything. You reap what you plant. My photos are current, but my age in RG is not well this. How do you think that I have? Want to find out? Already have a good reason for me write me or search the internet. Then you count everything, I speak my name, etc. Be smart, gives me a hint in your profile of how you think and give me some sign to read.
46 Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Seeking: Female 23 - 40
I will speak a little bit of me. I am a nice person, I have good sense of humor, I see grace in almost everything, I try to see the positive side of things, I am at peace with life, serious, observer, I love the details, policio me daily in my acts and thoughts, because I have to give an example to my three-year-old son. Yes, I am disunited and I live with him, I am father and mother at the same time. This Phase that I am reaprendendo the playful day after day and that it is not easy but cresço with this measure of days. As the father of the child, when I am with him because I am very simple, shorts, t-shirts, but in my work step the day tidy then I come in my house and I opt for simplicity without forgetting the comfort and the combinations, I always perfumed. I live in their own property, have a car and bike to not worry about transport. I am homemade simple habits, organized and taste of good things. Work from Monday to Friday and I like to enjoy my weekends. Travel, sightseeing, going to the beach (I followed), I also like the cold of serra, don't go so often, when can I go to the pub, drink socially, I don't smoke, I enjoy a good restaurant, cinema and take advantage of the weekends is myself. In the relationship, I am the type that if delivery fully, partner, communicative what I think it is very important, articulated, I know a little of everything, I talk about something, I try to be well informed, I am sincere until other account, say that I am not clip in the language. Fidelity matter much like the word given and I take that very seriously as I take also the commitments with the schedules. I am not and do not aturo jealousy, I am well resolved in this matter. On some weekends I travel by motorcycle with a group, we do several trips to various places. Three months ago, frequent the gym to improve my physical, mind and health. I see that it is necessary to be attractive and beautiful to me and be interesting in the eyes of someone. As for the reading, I like fiction, physics, self-help, psychology, manuals, electronics, computing. As Well say! I like to read anything that draws my attention. I love cars and motorcycles, I have taste for speed, until some time ago I was pilot started, I stopped because after that it is father some dangerous things we do. Also I have a small hobby along with my son to collect hotwheels carts, so I that he learn to be organized and take care of their things. Good this is a little bit of me, I think a person cool, sociable, mature and good father.
54 Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Seeking: Male 25 - 48
I am a young crown and neither do I believe that I already have 46 carnivals!! I am friendly, humorous (except when agreement ... rzrz). I am not radical with nothing, the only flag that I upload today is the well. I am a biologist and work with the environment. I love the contact with the nature, river bathing, hiking on the beach/mountains, going to the movies, listening to music. I travel a lot and I know formulas a lot in cities and places where I have never. I want a companion legal to give good laugh, traveling, seek knowledge and culture, grow together! I have a stable job, but never thought to accomodate me in. I am always trying to do new courses, inventing a trip or a project. I think in future fit a business in the area of organic agriculture, horticulture, or creation of hens/small animals (and I'm going to need a partner ... !! ). I like much of rural life and the simplicity of the people of the interior. I chose to live in smaller cities since 2001 and discovered more quality of life. Taste of various types of music, mainly MPB, regional (lining and sertanejo root), instrumental, pop, similar, jazz, soul, and the good rock, but the canned type funk, pagoda, ax and duplinha breganeja, I fill the bag ... With regard to religion, I am spiritist Kardecism (not as observant as it should), but I think spiritualized. I believe firmly in God and seek increasingly strengthen my faith. I have been working in the difficult task of detachment and seeking practice well in day-to-day, as a way to be a better person than yesterday. I know of No greater satisfaction than helping others. I Seek a companion of good character, simple and worker, who wants all this also and if you like to hug and kiss in the mouth, oh my friend, will be tudodebom !!! STRONG ABRAÇO!!
56 São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Seeking: Female 29 - 47
60 São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil
Seeking: Female 40 - 47
I am a common man, worker I am commercial director of an industry that still has many projects to life and dreams, I think of myself as a man, mentality and spirit young man who always had a smile, normally good humor and the times of evil humor also, I love life and try to live in the best possible way and simplify it, I am charming, interesting and proud and try to take care of myself, however, I'm not to cultivate or render public honor my body and yes strengthen my intelligence, to better understand the life and the human being, they say that I have a good conversation and I am a good company, I have tried to be nice, be polite and courteous, and gentleman is my obligation without say in sincerity and honesty, after Very reflect and think about my wedding, now I know where I got it wrong and where hits and I have full awareness and knowledge of what I should be for a woman be happy at my side. If you are looking for a man with body of Greek god and of stunning beauty, it is not the case for me I love you and that is why I think beautiful, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but, if you want a mature man, convinced that both of his life and ready to be the best man that a woman should be able to have on your side, I believe this man am I and excuse me the total lack of modesty, but I know, I appreciate and I know that I can give to the woman who is with me, I will not just affection, romance and love, will be a friend, companion, father, brother, lover. I like to protect give security and tranquility. The most important thing to make the woman that I have felt the most loved, desired, valued, important and happy than any other, it's me and I want to give to someone. Excuse me, but I like you have a profile of the person that we would like to find, which is why I would like to pay attention to the age of those who try.
57 Santos, São Paulo, Brazil
Seeking: Female 21 - 55



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