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40 São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Seeking: Female 20 - 30
About Me: I am a FUNNY person -- I can make a person laugh so easily, I can make a big group of my friends laugh easily as well. I will NOT allow my friends get bored with my other friends. For example, if somebody says something that does not interest people, I will reply to that sentence in a humorous way to let my friends and other friends laugh and get involved. Again, I will let my friends get involved by facilitating through the use of my knowledge. So ladies, be on my guest list. I am a UNDERSTANDING person -- assume I have a girlfriend. If she wants her personal time, I will let her do whatever she wants. I know everybody needs their own personal time for some reason. If she is going clubbing at night with her friends without me, I will let her go, I will call her if she returns home so late though. Even I know she is seeing someone else, I will NOT get angry. I will THINK, what am I doing wrong that makes her to see someone else? I am confident enough that my assumed girlfriend will NOT see someone else even he has better look or for whatever reason because she cannot find anyone better than me. I am a CONFIDENT person -- Again, "Impossible does not exist in my dictionary." Ladies, you should know I am 1000% confident. Nothing is impossible. Nothing makes me feel very unhappy. Nothing can let me down. Nothing that I fear. Everything is possible. Everywhere is a chance. Every each of you should be as confident as me. I am a PATIENT person -- everybody has their tough time working, solving problems on their daily lives. Talk to me ladies! I have friends who like to tell me what their problems are; can be family problem, relationship problem, can be work-related problem. I will listen patiently the whole day if they have that much time. Ladies, do you have that much time? I will listen your whole story first, then I will think, analyze, and try to help you out. If that is bad news, I will try to encourage you, give you confidence and momentum. I will tell you:
45 Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil
Seeking: Female 24 - 40
46 Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Seeking: Female 18 - 36
I'm passionate about life and all its possibilities. I like to learn and do new things, know new places, and meet new people. I want to drink every drop of life that I can! I'm a very easygoing person with a lot of sense of humour. A bit shy when among people that I don't know, but I can be the clown of the group when among friends. I'm very fond of travelling, learning new languages and cultures. Currently I can speak Portuguese (my mother language), English, French, Spanish, German and Italian and I am learning Russian and Dutch, but I still want to learn much more. I love ancient cultures and their folklore and mythologies. My tattoos and necklaces show that quite clearly! I love music, both listening and playing. I can play some instruments, but the one that I love most is the bass, which I played in almost every band I've been part of. Playing in a band allowed me to meet great friends, travel to very nice places, and share feelings both with my band mates and the audiences we played to. I love children, and they love me back. Easy like that! Maybe because we understand each other: that's my superpower! ;¬) I have some nephews and a lovely niece, but not a child of my own so far, but I would like to find someone to help me changing it now. I was born and I live in Rio de Janeiro, a nice place when you enjoy nature-related sports and activities (just like me). I like kayaking, trekking, climbing, running along the beach, scuba diving, sailing... I'm lucky for being able to do all such things after walking just some minutes from home! However, I hate the heat almost as much as I love the cold... That's why I often think of moving to Russia or Europe (apart from my love for the history, culture and landscapes of the "Old World"). I also have a passion for dancing and I've been learning flamenco and Irish dancing - the ones that I most love, together with tango. Well, I think that's me on a nutshell!



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