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59 Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil
Seeking: Female 27 - 45
Occupation: Technical / Science / Engineering
After some time you learn the difference, the subtle difference between giving a hand and a fettered soul. AND you learn that love does not mean support, and that the company does not always mean security or proximity. And start learn that kisses are not contracts, nor promises of eternal love. Begins to accept your defeats with your head up and eyes radiant, with the grace of an adult - and not with the sorrow of a child. And learn how to build all your roads on today, because the land of tomorrow is too uncertain for plans, while the future have the custom of fall in the midst of the will. After a while you learn that the sun can burn if we are exposed to it for a long time. AND learns that no matter how much you don't mind: some people simply don't care… and accepts that no matter how good a person, she will smite him once in a while, and for this reason, you need to be always prepared to pedoa-la. He learns that talk can alleviate emotional pain. He finds that he takes a certain time to build trust and only a few seconds to destroy it; and you, in an instant, you can do things that you later regret for the rest of life. Learn what real friendships continue to grow even at long distances, and that, in fact, the good and true friends were our own family that has allowed us to know. He learns that do not have to change friends: if we understand that friends change (as well as you), you will understand that his best friend and you can do any thing, or even anything, having, even thus, good moments together.
60 Maringá, Parana, Brazil
Seeking: Female 28 - 46
Occupation: Technical / Science / Engineering
You Need Urgent! People capable of Dreaming, without FEAR of your Dreams. So Idealistic that Transform their Dreams into Goals. People with such Practices, which are Capable of Making their Goals, Reality. Certain People, who NEVER abram hand to Build their Destinations, and Architecting their Lives. That does not Fear Change, and know take Advantage Of them. That will make your Work object of Pleasure, and a Substantial Portion of Personal Fulfilment. They Must Realize That, in the Vision and Mission of his Work, a strong Impetus for their Own Motivation. People with DIGNITY, which will lead to Consistency in their Speeches, their Acts, their Beliefs and values. Need to People who Inquire, not by Simple Protest, but by the Need for Intimate, only apply the Best Ideas. People who Show their Face Serena of LOYAL Partners, without that show Superior nor Inferior, but ..... EQUAL. Need-if People Ávidas by Learning, and that Pride Themselves to Absorb the NEW. People with COURAGE to open Paths, Facing Challenges, Create Solutions, Take calculated Risks without Fear of Making Mistakes. Need to People who Build their Teams and to Integrate them. That does not take to itself the POWER, but they can Share it. People who do not GRAPPLE with his own brightness, but with the Brightness of the Result Achieved in Conjunction. You Need People who See more Effectively the trees, but also Pay Attention to the Magic of the Forest - which have the Perception of the whole, and of the Part. You Need People who Create, Around him in an Environment of Enthusiasm, Freedom, Responsibility, Determination, Respect and Friendship. You Need Rational Beings. So Rational, who Understand that their Personal Fulfilment, is linked to the FLOW OF ITS HIGH EMOTIONS. You Need People who learn Administer things with Affection and Lead People with Love.



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