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33 Itapecerica da Serra, São Paulo, Brazil
Seeking: Male 19 - 33
Occupation: Education / Academic
29 Belém, Pará, Brazil
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
Occupation: Education / Academic
Professor Galvão
65 Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil
Seeking: Female 28 - 42
Occupation: Education / Academic
I am an honest citizen who live the emotion of being alive. I am very optimistic and very dreamer. Intelligent and knowledgeable of the various forms of co-existence between the men. I am tolerant with minorities and the respect. I like the truth and hate against pride. I have aversion to false friends that you juga by the volume of money that you have. I am fighting against the political lie and religious. Do not swallow the selfishness of everything to me and the other the leftovers. I abhor false moralists who sell unreal images of purity and honesty when hidden by their sects immoral commit the most despicable of sins: the lie. I love everything that i have and mourning to have everything that I love. Am Vascaino without be donkey. I like very much to be authentic though living in a society of demagogues. I am intolerant with prejudice on any freedoms. Freedom and my ideal of life I want to make recorded in my existence as intelligent man. I would like the injustice would be more effectively and less tolerated. That love false was seen as lie absolute and that friendships there was no need to ask for forgiveness. I would like to help all who need without distinguishing those who need and ask for that you need. I would like to know a single God, the true. The god of the churches that sell hopes i would ignore it. I have no hatred or resentment, envy or exclusas ambitions, fears or great arrogance, rage or calm excessive, desires impossible or possible mediocrity. I am free and i will be free for ever because the suffocating oppression i have courage to exterminate it. Finally I have great passion for my students and former students that on the path of professional achievement and personal tried to take them. Live happy because it is the happiness my addiction romantic.
60 São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Seeking: Female 25 - 45
Occupation: Education / Academic
READ EVERYTHING: MARCELO I LOVE THE FEMALE Vc is so special that deserves 2 Marcelo kisses, one of each side. hehe, Then without more cerimõnias: information is be able to, bora there: I am VIRTUAL = REAL. CONTÉM: Masculinity, INTELLIGENCE with PRATICIDADE. Chronologic age neither is very important for me, what imports is me the age of the soul, of the feelings and of the heart of ideas. Ethics in the DNA p/ do BONDS. I WANT and I FIND GRAVE COURTSHIP. Like this itself vc will have what do I find, of my style, is vc that I like without fear of me become passionate and speaks I LOVE YOU. It looks that the women do not like alone, grave Men want the devious and scoundrels, for these they become passionate and give all. Doves! Be loved, does not pick up, because here functions different, the well and evolution of the soul and of him be. Time who administers we are we, I have time of do many things in several areas. God helps also, but, his time is a greatness variable inside you set them 24hs. With discipline and a little of Intelligence as Routine, does not have running around. She is an amoleto psychological for do not do. I prefer the truth, I forgot or did not I have interest, like this, clear, frank, with sincerity. I put SOUL, CHARACTER in everything the Q I DO!! I am of Skin, Soul, Heart, Involvement, Feeling c/ Quím, Fis p/ have to Biolog, in the Marvelous Engineering Fem.. I am not a saint, I am not the generic kind that vc seeks, I am masculine, I think with the head of top. To proposito here is not place of Religion c/ fanaticism, alone the normal one. I speak stupidities and I am grave qdo necessary. Loving, Unmarried, s/ sons. Intelligent, family (Cancer), homemade, master cook., I take care of my mother of 90a., the most important woman of my life. I take care of home, of change and give bath, do food, wash clothes, wash plates, hygiene and to a long time with control of medicines. Alone do not I know to pass right clothes, comes teach myself? aprendo quick and perfect. I am of wash the panties and remove the bra, with the same soul and affection. I administer house, finances and purchases, I am Micro Empreend.Indiidual. Designer/designer and Prof. Exact/Of. I am of share. ** ** Hairy, Olh Cast Esverd. Coarse thighs. CONTÉM Character and Responsibility. I have SOUL and HEART. Catholic and Umbandista (son of Umbanda never lie, is love and charity) (does Not advance, that I am not going to turn evangelical fanatic, never, forget), with love in the heart. Liberal, but, without it distorted, everything has limit and certain dose. Sexuality is about be human, wrong is going to hit woman, abduct and afterwards the tough one does not face the justice of the men and itself forest, male, isn't that so. Wrong it is drug, be bebado, do not understand what to another one person feels. I am not and do not I want Trouble or Strike, do not I need of that. Honest and sincere, with H and S, itself tappet to nothing lie and trapaciar. Man is not everything equal. here I already dispuz of the necessary information for vc done not stay asking to same thing afterwards, another one thing, not of the generic kind, that vc want H honest and goodhearted, PLEASE, that present a little of my style, if not you resonder, is for done not hurt, with picture for reference, of preference. Impossible it is the possible one that never was deed. I am going to have the Standard of the Globe, quality of the Nestlé, be not SBT. We have and we be able to be the best one, with quality, personality, complicity and responsibility. Marcelo Kisses and Embraces.



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