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40 Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Seeking: Female 18 - 25
Eye color: Brown
O copo está meio vazio, meio cheio, ou apenas duas vezes maior que ele precisa ser? Eu não gosto de ver as coisas em apenas preto e branco. Eu gosto de medir a vida não pelos respirações que eu tomo, mas pelos momentos que nos tiram o fôlego - quando o volume knob de vida é virada de todo o caminho, e eu estou aconchegar ao lado da lareira com alguém especial sob um cobertor . Ou quando o volume botão é girado todo o caminho para cima, e eu estou tendo o tempo da minha vida toma um cocktail em alguma ilha tropical vestindo uma camisa de gola V com flores Lei ao redor do meu pescoço com uma mulher sexy no meu braço. Basicamente: É melhor você gosta de se divertir, ou não vamos chegar junto. Eu gosto de pensar em mim como confiante, mas não arrogante. Eu sou um homem muito humilde. Eu não fugir dos problemas. Também eu observava minha mãe se seu coração partido muitas vezes, e isso me fez perceber o quão importante é tratar uma mulher direito. Minha mãe também me ensinou a ter força interior e não ser pisado. Vou fácil, e eu gosto de colocar um sorriso no rosto das pessoas, não importa onde eu sou ou quem eu sou com ele. Algumas pessoas presas até pode pensar que é estranho, mas você pode me encontrar fazendo caretas de volta para as crianças no carro na minha frente. Você é capaz de lidar com a energia masculina? Eu posso ser um bom punhado. Você se considera um pouco bobo, em vez de "quente", educado em vez de conteúdo apenas "chico-esperto", um criador, em vez de um consumidor, e feliz ao invés de? Nesse caso, devemos falar. "Todo mundo morre, nem toda a gente vive." - Eu amo a citação, mas não tenho idéia de onde vem. 10 pontos de brownie se você pode me dizer. 100 pontos e um top caixa de cereal pode ser resgatado para a melhor receita de brownie do mundo. De qualquer forma ... Eu só quero namorar casualmente uma menina que pode me manter envolvido dentro e fora do quarto, sensualmente e mentalmente. Talvez eu vou conhecer alguém especial online - talvez você vai também. Envie-me um e-mail rápido com por que você acha que iria se dar bem, e nós vamos levá-la de lá.
43 Anápolis, Goiás, Brazil
Seeking: Female 18 - 45
Eye color: Brown
49 Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil
Seeking: Female 23 - 40
Eye color: Brown
Hallo My name is Claudio. English teacher for 24 years (40 years old newly completed) businessman and entrepreneur for more than 12 years. I have a Lnguage institute and the foundation dedicated to help support children, women and old people in risk, extreme poverty or victims of domestic violence practived by their school, parents or sounds... Defend life and transform lives more than a privilege is the life mission which I would never run away ... I am Single with no children. But different from many men there is a mature man and happy child inside me! :) I consider myself creative, patient, very good-humored, having humor enough to laugh from the problems, because of the simple reason that problems do not exist... there are only challenges in our life sent by the universe to make us grow! :) Unlike many men I'm not here looking just for sex or cheap thrills. I want someone that begins the my friend, after girlfriend and who knows why not: my future wife ... :) But please make no mistake: I also like sex and fun... but only with with the woman I really love! :) I love music and from there I took two sentences that summarize what I think and desire: Everybody loves somebody sometime (everybody loves somebody sometime...) And That's why: You're nobody till somebody loves you... :) From the simple but inspired man called: Claudio PS: Distance is no problem for me, I love europe and if i love someone I would have a confortable house anywhere is necessary... So i don't about distance... :)
50 Londrina, Parana, Brazil
Seeking: Female 25 - 42
Eye color: Brown
Perspective changes everything.... and that includes the decision we make everyday.... For you to understand me you have to know that I believe in God, in angels, and divine manifestations of every kind..... (I am not Crazy, just hold on....). I believe the Family is where we can experience the real happiness.... and God provide a way for that to be eternal.... that is why I thought it would be easier to deal with death than divorce..... but that's was a long story.... and the foundations to understand why I did many things the way I did.....even forgiven the woman who leave me for another man. We are becoming rare to see more marriages like my parents who will make 50 years of marriage this year,.... but I still believe that if we honor the marriage covenant we make in the altar and not just "we commit to stay together until our love shall last" them we start to pay the price to fell that kind of happiness I did refer in the beginning. I love Pets (but right now I don't have any), I had a border collie (called Amber) that stay with me for 15 years, and she have been with me when since USA, Canada and Brazil, that wonderful dog did deserve a biography witch is on-line (you can ask me about that latter). I did learn English in United States and move to Canada as a Immigrant, and I love there ,... but after almost two years I had to go back to Brazil because my wife inexplicably would not stand to live there anymore, because of what I felt for her I did not even think that coming back to Brazil was that big sacrifice.... although there is not perfect marriages out there, There can be very good ones if you are willing to sacrifice for it.... witch I was willing to do.... But few years ago she ask me for a divorce, to in less the one year marry the very man.... I don't need to finish this.... just so you know that I had a very disappointing experience but I still believe that families can be eternal....
44 Brasília, Distrito Federal, Brazil
Seeking: Female 18 - 50
Eye color: Brown
38 Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Seeking: Female 20 - 37
Eye color: Brown
I am a quiet guy who likes to enjoy every minute of life in the best possible way.I would really like to quit,traveling,sports,fitness,cinema,theater,go out with my friends,cooking,in short taste of everything that makes bem.Sou passionate about animals, especially cachorros.N will I am very big fan of nightlife and ballads but the times an output or another not mata.Sou a person very transparent, honest and above all very committed to the person that I chose to be by my side ... pegação and nightlife passaram..procuro what every woman demand and I am what every woman needs..rsrsr.. (our..look at me thinking) ..do not drink and do not smoke, I always keep my body healthy..nothing against those who drink or smoke ..... My sentence is always the same: "I do not try to cause impact,this happens naturalmente" ... I believe that a woman should be respected more than anything else ... the greatest sin a man can commit is to awaken the love of a woman without having the intention of amá-la ... I take care of the person who is with me ... always do a surprise different to that the relationship does not fall into a routine, I am romantic in hours certain,trickster in hours fun and present at the right moments..I believe that a relationship is when both the parties seek to grow in equal. An intelligent man speaking of women. I just have a copy at home, that I have with much zeal and dedication, but in fact I believe that it is she who keeps me. Woman lives of affection. To you in abundance. IS thing of man yes, and if it does not receive you'll catch another. Morning Kisses and an 'I love you' at breakfast the remains lush and fragrant throughout the day. Flowers are also part of your menu - woman who does not receive flowers wilt quickly and acquires traits as male was very nice and competent. and brutality. Observe the nature. Don't you support TPM? Case with a man. Women menstruam, weep for nothing, like to talk about the day. Do not shade on it. If you want to be a great man has a woman at his side, never behind. Thus, when it shines, you will get a tan. However, if it is behind, you will lead a walk-in-butt. Accepted: women also have their own light and do not depend on us to shine. The wise man feeds the potential partner and uses it to motivate themselves. He knows that, preserving and cultivating the woman, he will be saving himself. You, my friend, if you think that woman is too expensive, turn gay. Only there is a woman who can!
27 Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Seeking: Female 18 - 29
Eye color: Brown



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