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33 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Seeking: Female 18 - 27
59 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Seeking: Female 26 - 38
I am a professional who has a grown up son and wants to have another family. I am a successful businessman and psychologist and very kind and sensitive. I don't know how to give up on a dream, and most of mine have come true.I can see the funny side of anything even if it is farce. I love to think out of the box, pull unrelated ideas together and have written psychology texts. I use these skills in my businesses. I am loyal to a fault, and can see both sides of most things in life. I try to understand complex issues by making them black and white, but know that the world is not like that at all. I over think everything but am saved by my sense of humor. I love thrill seeking but always take calculated risks and back my own judgement, and as you have maybe guessed, have never done this before.You can get what you want in life, but you have to be very determined and never waver or worse yet "give up". Let me show you how. This is my first experience with online dating. Please don't contact me unless you have a profile and a photo. I always act on my goals, and I make things happen. I'm not afraid to try anything if it makes sense. If you want a new chapter to open in your life ,you are under 37 yrs old and we click, hold on for the ride of your life. Remember anything is possible, anything, if you want it enough and never ever ever ever give up, anything is possible. We create the world we live in in our heads, and then live in it.You create your own reality. Dream big, email me before the sun goes down. I am very real, I am also very good at detecting fakes, and frauds, so please don't bother to try to con me.Actually on second thoughts give it a try, I am happy to take you on. If you can con me you deserve a prize.
43 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Seeking: Female 30 - 42
From London, luckily conceived by Jamaican parents.. Bear in mind that nothing good in life comes easy and if anything does (run!!!! Lol), seriously though, prepare to pay the price eventually. "easy come, easy ........" Without narcissism or arrogance, here's a concise description (or so he thinks) : he's the kind you've been searching forever to find, no he isn't perfect but if the deserving subject is realistic in her expectations then he'll be perfect for her. Bad qualities: -easily annoyed -a little stubborn -a bit compulsive -over analytical sometimes -easily bored Good qualities: -honest to a fault -has a golden indestructible ❤ -spiritually connected but not religiously bounded -humble -expressive & outspoken but tactful -loyal -trustworthy -respectful -smart -over caring -philanthropic -understanding -loyal (yeah, it's that serious) -very intuitive -fun -observant -laughter prone (yet one of the most serious persons you will ever encounter) -extends himself for others -lovable -pleasant -appreciative -devoted/committed -family oriented -adjusts easily -gentle yet firm -confident with zero arrogance -conversationally savvy (any awkward moment depends on the other party) -admits when he's wrong and apologizes accordingly -very mature -genuine to the core -possesses great inner strength -indomitable in spirit -not materialistic -etc...... ***so you now realize the good far outweighs the bad, chuckles*** Quick facts: -has too many talents to have pursued one (feel free to explore them) -is loved by 99% of the people around him and will be loved by 99% of the people he meets and that includes your mother! I just know it :) -all pics posted are recent. -believes in the old-fashioned way of pursuing (love the hunt) these new age trends detract from it. Now that you've read my cyber autobiography/epistle; you're officially mine! Lol... Ummm... So when do we get hitched?? Seriously though, if my profile appeals to you and complement you/yours then get in touch.... 😉 I am looking for Desirables: -a conversationalist -a spiritually grounded female counterpart (this is the platform for morality) -honesty/straightforwardness -a wicked sense of humor -a loving human being -sarcasm buff Undesirables: -liars -cheats -alcoholics -immature kinds -judgmental/discriminatory kinds Overall, I would like to meet a female that can teach me how to surrender my heart, no one has managed to achieve such a feat. I love being independent but I also believe in building together, I have no intention to pull anyone down because together, we can achieve so much more therefore I always strive to elevate never to deprecate. I want to experience a connection on a profound level that the average person will never understand, the kind of love experienced by those of old, that which knows no separation; it doesn't mean there won't be trials and tribulations, it means that we will equip ourselves to overcome them all. Relationships aren't so difficult but don't just work either, we make them work through concerted effort. I want us to redefine the slang "ride or die"... Are you ready? I am so prepare to be amazed ....



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